Regarding leisure, everyone has their preferences for unwinding and relaxing. One of the oldest activities that individuals engage in to unwind is smoking. Throughout the years, smoking has evolved into different forms altogether. Some users have made the jump into vaping, for instance.

Vaping has its pros and cons, as do traditional forms of smoking. However, it also introduces the user to a new world of specialties. After the session has been finished, there needs to be a precise means of disposal, especially if you have a vaping device with a cartridge. Disposing old vape cartridges properly plays an important part of preserving our environment.

Let’s learn what to do with old vape cartridges:

Finish the vapes completely

Sometimes, we may be so focused on getting that perfect hit of our vaping session we may overlook some aspects. If the cartridge is low on e-juice, you may find it necessary to just swap it out for a new one. Then, you may even put an old cartridge away if you do not dispose of it immediately.

Before you decide to throw it in the trash, take a good look inside to see if it is finished. Many users may still have some e-juice left in the tank. You should always try to finish the cartridge unless circumstances preclude you from doing so. This can range from the vape juice giving a burnt aftertaste to not being as flavourful as it once was.

Dispose the old vapes

After removing your cartridges, you can disposed of them in a safe manner. The same goes for disposable vapes, which can be thrown away after use, as the name implies. For starters, take a look at the instructions that came with your product. Generally speaking, these will guide how to proceed with the old cartridge’s disposal.

Usually, these items can be tossed into your nearest garbage if they are empty. Or, they may be required to be recycled if the cartridge is made out of plastic. The latter may be a lot more useful for the environment. Any material that can be recycled should be recycled for the benefit of our planet!

Refill the vapes

Old vape cartridges do not have many functions if they just lie around taking up space. However, some are made to be easily refilled with vape juice. This makes your particular vaping session all the easier, as you do not have to go out of your way to buy new cartridges. So, grab the old cartridges and take them to your local shop.

If requested, they should be cleaned out thoroughly so that no traces of the old vape juice remain. A customer service representative should then be able to refill the cartridge for you. Your cartridges should then be good to go for reuse in an almost instantaneous manner. You can get back to vaping in no time at all!

Extract the vape juice

In some cases, you may be able to scrape out any remaining traces of vape juice from inside the cartridge. Old cartridges could contain small amounts of e-juice remaining within. Instead of having to just dispose of the old cartridge, extract this substance out of the cartridge as a whole.

Then, you can reuse it in several ways. For example, some vape juice leftovers can be added to a cup of tea for an all-encompassing beverage. You’d be surprised to find what can be used and repurposed when it comes to arbitrary items such as a vape cartridges. Experiment accordingly, and always be informed about your approach before doing so.

Use vaping alternatives

In some cases, you may have gotten used to your usual way of vaping. Cartridges provide you with an easy way to get that perfect hit, along with being able to be reused. However, once you have disposed of your old cartridges, you should use them as an opportunity to use something else.

A vape pen may be the best choice, even for the short term. The difference lies in the structure of the vaping device you are using. A vape pen can come in various sizes, which can be much more preferential. They take up less space if you must toss them into a bag!

Dispose in vape shops

Extending the previous point involves knowing what else can be done with the actual cartridge. Sometimes, we may not have all of the details available when it comes to our old cartridges. You should bring your curiosity to your local vaping product shop. The people here will gladly assist you with the questions you need to be answered!

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