Many companies commonly use airtight product packaging, and this is often required to maintain the product in quality condition until the consumer is ready to use the product.

However, product packaging can be faulty at times, and the condition of your products may be negatively impacted when your packaging leaks. For example, food may spoil if its packaging is not airtight, and this could lead to costly returns, product complaints and even lawsuits in some cases.

Manufacturers of packages must be conscious of the condition of their packaging at all times, and FlexPak leak detection equipment is available to facilitate this process. If you are in the market to purchase leak detection machines soon, you may rely on these three factors to guide your decision-making process.

The Functionality of the Equipment

One of the most important factors to be reviewed when you are shopping for new leak detection equipment is its functionality. There are many types of equipment in use, and one of the most common is a bubble tester.

This type of detection equipment submerses your packaging in water, and your workers are tasked with watching the packaging for air bubbles that may signify a leak. On the other end of the spectrum, infrared leak detection equipment is also available.

With these and other options available, you must learn more about the functionality of the options to decide which is most ideal for your packaging.

The Size of the Equipment

If your facility is like most, you may have a very limited amount of space available in your facility for extra machinery. Some leak detection equipment is very small in size, and it is designed to sit on a tabletop.

Other machines are large, stand-alone models that will make a footprint in your floorplan. The size of equipment you select should be optimal for the space available as well as for the size of the product packaging you need to test regularly.

The Cost of the Equipment

With variations in size as well as functionality and technology, you can rightfully guess that the cost of this equipment varies substantially. While you may be working with a limited budget when purchasing leak detection equipment, you also need to focus on the financial benefits the equipment provides. It can decrease costly returns, improve customer satisfaction and minimize liability, and each of these have financial benefits for your company.

Selecting the right equipment to use for your leak detection needs can seem challenging at first. However, with many types of leak detection machines available to purchase, you can easily find a great model that meets your functional needs and that also has a suitable size and cost. For more information visit the FlexPak website.

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