Many homeowners work hard to maintain the condition of their home and increase its value over time. For those who live in an older home, it may be time to replace the roof. To determine if it’s time to reroof the building, there are a few important signs to look for with the help of a roofing Toronto company.


When the materials on a roof become worn or damaged, the roof will begin to sag and can become at risk of collapsing if too much pressure is applied. Although the portion of the roof that is sagging can be replaced by professional roofers, experts recommend replacing the entire structure.

Missing Roofing Materials

Roofs that are deteriorating often suffer from loose or missing roofing materials on the roof deck, which can cause exposure on the building. This often leads to leaks due to a lack of protection from the environmental elements. The roofing materials may begin to fall off every few months or after a heavy storm, which will make the interior of the building susceptible to damage.

Shingles and tiles may also be missing on the valleys on the roof where snow accumulates and rain flows in the winter season. This will quickly cause roof leaks to form with moisture that gets into the home.

Worn Flashing

The flashing on the roof should be inspected to determine its condition, which will indicate if the structure is outdated. The flashing is installed around chimneys, vents, and skylights to seal off the roof from moisture that can leak into the building. Flashing that has gaps or is rusted often indicates that the roof should be replaced due to leaks that develop.

Old Age

Homeowners can evaluate the age of their roof to determine how much longer it will last. Each roofing material has a different lifespan, which is often influenced by the amount of maintenance that is performed and on the climate. Metal roofs typically last 40 to 50 years and asphalt shingles are known to have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

Curling Shingles

Shingles tend to curl and weaken when exposed to high temperatures and UV rays, which can cause a lack of protection on the deck. Curling shingles also affect the curb appeal of the property and will cause the roof to look older. Replace the roof when curling shingles begin to develop and if granules have accumulated in the rain gutters.

Frequent Leaks

Leaks may begin to accumulate on a frequent basis with water stains that develop on the ceilings and in the attic. Leaks can be patched with proper roof repair but can eventually lead to mold or mildew that forms in the walls and ceilings.

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