Over the last two decades or so, an entirely new type of metal roofing material has taken over the market. The sheet metal fabrication roofing solutions being employed today are not only fire-resistant, durable, lightweight but also cost effective. These are certainly a far cry from what the world had been used to seeing, typified by the corrugated “tin” roofs.

The growing popularity of metal roofing products is a clear indication that home builders and owners are becoming increasingly more conversant with the benefits associated with this product. When designed and installed properly, metal roofs have the potential of cutting down your energy consumption and also provide tangible cost savings in the long-run.

Choosing Your Metal Roofing

When choosing suitable metal roofing, you will first want to clearly define the fundamental look you desire to have for your building. Basically, residential metal roofing are available in two basic formats: shingles and sheet-like panels. These two categories can have lots of variations, patterns, and colors within them.

The Materials

When it comes to describing roofing materials, the word “metal” ideally covers lots of ground. Steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc alloys as well as diverse sheet metal fabrication solutions are all materials being used today for roofing.

Additionally, sheet metal fabrication roofing is accessible in lots of other options such as shakes, tiles, diamond shingles, batten and standing seam panels, plus custom profiles. The fact is that there is a permanent metal roof system suitable for nearly any type of residence.

Why Choose Metal Roofing

There is a host of benefits that come with metal roofing. This range from being relatively light weight, durable, highly resilient to the elements, eco-friendliness and their incredible longevity. To these, you can add versatility in terms of available options compared to what most other roofing solutions have to offer.

When you use the right metal roof system, it not only increases the energy efficiency of your home but also greatly reduces the cost of cooling during the warm summer season. If you intend to stay in your residence over the long-term, you are likely to spend less on a permanent metal roof system compared to what you would incur replacing shingles every 10 to 20 years.


If you want to have a permanent replacement solution to a leaky roof, lower your maintenance and energy costs or you are simply looking for more home appeal, metal roofing offers the perfect solution. They will probably last you a lifetime, and when you are done with them, sheet metal roofing material are 100% recyclable. Perhaps the only recommended maintenance you will require in about 25 years might be to replace the screws holding your metal roofing and sheet metal fabrication materials together as over time, the rubber gaskets used will break down due to UV exposure. There is a great source of information available on the Heather & Little Limited website.

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