Every industrial process requires raw materials to produce end products. The end products are never pure elements. Though the intended final product comes from the process, other elements are produced as well. The other elements may be considered waste and harmful. They could also be used for other processes if well harnessed and utilized.

Whether useful or harmful, it does no one any good if the end products are not separated. An industrial filter separates the end products. Though they may not be considered the most crucial equipment in manufacturing processes, industrial filters are indispensable requirement.

Different industrial processes utilize raw materials that are different in forms of matter, sizes and reactivity. They are essential in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic and chemical as they keep products consistent, clear, and uncontaminated.

Due to the differing nature of industrial processes and different demands each industry has, there are different sorts of industrial filters. These include centrifugal filters, cartridge filters and panel filters.

Bag Filters

There are numerous varieties. They perform best in situations involving large solids that must be separated from liquid solutions. In such a situation, bag filters filter out solids as the liquids pass through the bags leaving the solids trapped. Since the solids are caught inside, varieties of material constructions varies.

They have to be different in length and micron ratings to suit the demand of every task. Bag filters may frequently chocked by fine solids that get trapped thus blocking the flow of the liquid products being filtered. Instead of replacing them, it is better to have them cleaned.

Also, use of other types of filters to complement these filters increases the efficiency of the treatment systems.

Cartridge Filters

These filters employ the sift method of removing harmful solids from solutions. They are cylindrical in shape but often appear flat. They function differently from bag filters as they filter out fine solids. However, modern models have been designed to sift out larger solids.

Centrifugal Filters

Centrifugal filters operate in a very intricate manner. The physics and mechanisms involved is sophisticated. Centrifuge filtering separates fluids of that vary slightly in density. These filters are indispensable in oil refining as well as in the purification of beverage drinks. If at all you ever are in a situation where you feel you are disposing off perfectly good oil for fear of impurities, get centrifuge equipment. It might be a bit expensive, but it is totally worth every penny.

Every type of industrial filter has its own particular pros that others don’t. Hence, the ultimate treatment will have all the above equipment installed to perform specific functions at different stages of the filtration process. You can find more information at Fil-Trek Corporation.

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