The summer season is one of the best periods for more than just the obvious reasons. There is the chance to get outdoors with your family and friends and soak in the sun’s rays. Each activity is a pleasure, from playing sports to heading to the beach to grilling on a barbecue.

A gas barbecue will be the basis of many great cookouts. However, there will come a time when your current gas grill may not be cutting it anymore. The good news is that you can buy a new model, which comes with many intuitive features. If you are going to get a replacement, you will also need to throw away your old model. Yet, the proper disposal of a gas grill may not be as straightforward as you think.

Let’s learn how to dispose of a gas grill in a safe, ecofriendly manner:

What is the status of your gas grill?

First and foremost, it is important to give an entire overview of the state of your gas grill. If it seems inoperable, try to operate the machine several times. Sometimes, the power source may just need a bit of finesse to get it started and running again. If it is fully unworkable, you must take your time in disassembly.

Clear out any remaining traces of food residue or dirt on the grill. While it may seem like an unnecessary part of the process, it is done for safety reasons at the onset. You do not want a component to slip out of your hand due to leftover oil traces and have it injure you. Take your time with this part before moving on to the subsequent phases.

Check for recyclability.

Despite many gas grills being easy to dispose of, you may not necessarily know how to do so. You can use many methods to safely and effectively eliminate the machine. To begin with, look under the lid or on the grill’s body, and check for recyclability information.

This information may also be present in the instruction manual of the grill. These details indicate how the machine can be disposed of, whatever the case. Sometimes, you do not need to take the gas grill apart. All that is needed is for the machine recycled through the proper service provider.

Take apart your gas grill

If you need to go the route of disassembly, there are a few key tips to keep in mind before you begin. Start with the components of the gas grill that are immediately noticeable, such as the lid or side shelves. Generally speaking, these parts will be easy to maneuver if you are trying to remove them outright.

Other components need to be taken apart with the utmost care in mind. For example, electronics or batteries may be needed to operate the gas grill. Be sure to use caution here, and always check your surroundings. If any explosive elements are present, take care of those to prevent a safety hazard.

Valves and knobs

The parts you use most of the time in your gas grill will probably be the valves and the knobs. You use these parts to adjust the settings during a cooking session. They are also easily removable if you try to take the grill apart for disposal. Start with the valves, which can easily be removed and recycled accordingly.

For the knobs, you usually have a couple of methods available to get rid of them. Many gas grills come equipped with plastic knobs. If these are on your gas grill, remove them and place them in recycling. Should the knobs have a metal composition, they can be put into your regular garbage or waste pick-up.

Propane hose

Many gas grills have a mobile fuel source, where you can place a fuel canister to power the machine. Another common source to power the gas grill is a propane line connected to your home. Before disposing of the machine, ensure that this line is safely disconnected.

Cut the line off the grill’s tank connector and the burners, and throw it away into your standard garbage. Since most of these lines are not recyclable, they will have to be placed here to avoid safety issues.

Location of disposal

Sometimes, you may not have to wait for your local garbage service to come and pick up your machine. If the entire gas grill is recyclable, you can drive it to your neighbourhood disposal unit. The individuals there will then take the machine out of your hands for safe discarding!

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