Millions of industries, warehouses, and businesses premises in the country have adopted the use of industrial doors mainly because of their safety features. A company may use one door type or a mixture of different models depending on the role. Industrial doors are popular with fire brigade companies, high-value homes, and manufacturing industries. Installation of these doors requires trained experts available in any industrial door company.

Key Features to Check on an Industrial Door

Industrial doors come in different shapes and sizes. However, a good door should have superior features that distinguish it from the rest. Some of the key things to consider when purchasing an industrial door include:

• Safety/security- Steel is the most common metal in the manufacture of doors in high-crime areas. Other durable materials used on the doors include vinyl and aluminum. Remote controlled doors have a code for security purposes.

• Size and design- the size of the door should be practical depending on the application. Avoid purchasing doors that are over 40 feet wide since they are too heavy and take a lot of energy to open. Some doors add aesthetic value to a building. Wood, tempered glass, and Lexan are the commonly used materials for fancier doors.

• Operational features- the doors should be of a durable material that allows easy opening and closing. You may also choose between manual and remote controlled doors. Some doors are heat resistant while others have weather protection features.

Types of Industrial Doors

There are different types of industrial doors provided by various service door industries in Canada. Some of the most common doors used in industrial premises include:

Roller shutter doors

You only require rolling up the door into a tube shape to open, and roll down to close. It is the best doors to use when you have limited space since they only utilize the upper part of the room. It is operated either manually or using a motorized system.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Overhead doors open and close in separate individual slats known as panels. They mostly have thermal qualities making them ideal for maintaining standard temperatures in a room. Ensure that you contact a reputable overhead door services company to ensure that you get a door that suits your needs.

Sliding Folding Doors

The doors work either manually or through power operation. Steel is the most popular material used in the manufacture. Some of them may have an insulation system making them water, air, and wind resistant. They are very efficient for use in the industries, boat yards, and aircraft hangars. For more information and resources be sure to visit Wilcox Door Services Inc.

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