New employee orientation can be a large responsibility for you as a manager. You will have to ensure that your new employee knows everything there is to know about the workplace in a short period of time. This person must receive training on subjects ranging from scheduling to GHS pictograms and GHS labels. The following are five subjects that you should touch during orientation to ensure that your new employee is equipped to start working:

The Dress Code

One of the most important pieces of information that you must pass to your employee is the dress code. The person needs to know what the company expects from him or her in terms of grooming, clothing style, protective gear, and tattoos and body piercings. Your new employee can prepare to make the necessary adjustments as long as you notify that person of what the company expects.

The Schedule

Every employee needs to know the schedule. Employees need to first know where the schedule is located in the building and when it goes out. Next, the employee needs to know when and how to make scheduling requests. Additionally, employees must know what to expect when they ask for special requests.

The Pay Scheme

The pay scheme is another important aspect of familiarizing a new employee with the job. This person will want to know when the pay week ends, the frequency of payment and how the company makes its payment. The employee will want to know the options that he or she has for payment, as well. Examples are paycheck, direct deposit and payment card.

Chemical Information

Another element that you must teach your new employee as quickly as possible is how to read the work safety labels. Labels should be on all dangerous chemicals in the store. They should have the appropriate GHS labels on them with the GHS classification and various information. The employees need to know where to read information on how to use the products and what to do if they come in contact with such products. showing the employees where they can find the information will prevent a ton of accidents from occurring.

Immediate Cause for Termination

Finally, all new employees should have the “immediate termination” list. The “immediate termination” list is that list of actions or situations that will cause a person to lose that job ASAP without any chance of appeal. Managers must give employees these lists so that they cannot dispute it if they receive a termination due to doing something that the list prohibits.

There are many things that you will need to explain to your new employee. These are only a few that you need to ensure that you teach them. Start here, and your new worker should be just fine. You can learn more at the ICC Compliance Center website.

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