While many people have considered and debated the effects of electronic cigarettes on the body, not many people have thought about what e-cigarettes can do for the mind, particularly the minds of those that struggle with mental health. People that suffer from mental health issues are far more likely to smoke cigarettes than the average person, but can electronic cigarettes provide a solution without the health risks?

Mental Illness and Cigarettes

Research has shown that those that suffer from mental health problems are far more likely to smoke cigarettes and become dependent upon nicotine, and even to have far greater difficulty when trying to quit smoking. These numbers vary based upon the issue, but it has been found that as many as 90% of people suffering from schizophrenia smoke cigarettes. Other mental health issues with high smoking rates include bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD.

While these numbers may not seem important, they are directly related to the high mortality rates of those that suffer from mental health issues. After decades of smoking, it is common for the body to suffer severe health effects, particularly in the lungs. While mental health issues often come with added stress and other issues, it is clear that smoking traditional cigarettes is not a viable solution.

The Electronic Solution

What does this have to do e-cigarettes? Well, e-cigarettes are able to provide nicotine, which helps calm those with mental health problems, without adding in the harmful toxins that damage the body. This means that it is a far more effective long-term solution than traditional cigarettes, which can have horrific effects on the physical health of the smoker.

Alternatively, electronic cigarettes also provide a far easier way for smokers with mental health issues to quit. While the nicotine is still addictive, electronic cigarettes offer a much healthier way to ween off of the addictive substance. Many mental health professionals will even incorporate “smoking cessation therapy” into regular therapy sessions using the help of electronic cigarettes.

Overall, e-cigarettes provide a vital function in relieving some of the symptoms of mental health disorders without inflicting bodily harm upon the user. In this way, they are a viable alternative to the traditional cigarette, which only replaces mental health issues with physical health problems.


It is unlikely that e-cigarettes will be able to remove all symptoms of a mental health disorder, but that does not mean that they cannot help manage the existing symptoms. For anyone suffering from mental health issues that is currently facing an addiction to traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes offer a much healthier and more sustainable alternative. For additional resources, visit the DashVapes website.

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