A trash compactor uses ramming force in reducing your trash volume by between 75 and 80%. This translates to fewer trips to the garbage heap outside your house or the need to engage a waste management company that calls in daily. They also have an important environmental impact as it mean less plastic trash bags and more space in landfills. In addition, your kitchen will have better look nicer and smell better as most come with built-in air fresheners.

The Working and Features

The home trash compactor is easy to fit and use as it can be conveniently place your kitchen counter. Compaction equipment is designed to be convenient and safe to use. One handy feature that you need to check as you sample the different compactors is a toe bar. It is a switch at the floor level that automatically opens the compactor when clicked with your foot. This makes it easy for you especially when your arms are packed with items that need to be trashed.

Quality compactors have air freshener compartments to cut down the garbage odour. For the safety of small children, some have removable key-knob controls for averting accidental use. Another useful feature is an anti-jam sensor that alerts you in case the compactor is getting overfilled. Some of these appliances are designed to match your kitchen décor.

Power and Performance

Trash compactors generally offer a range between 1.4 and 1.7 cubic feet, with a compacting force that ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 pounds. Naturally, more compacting force means you pay more. In terms of motor horsepower, a high capacity device that comes with a lower horsepower will translate to a louder compactor.

The compaction equipment also gives you a compaction ratio. If, for example, the ratio is 4:1, it means it will compact the average volume of 4 trash bags into a size equal to one. Keep in mind that the more trash that goes into a bag, the heavier it becomes when being taken out for recycling. Therefore, you may want to think of how much weight you can lift safely.

Maintenance and Compaction Equipment

The best thing about trash compactors is that except for the typical cleaning needed for any domestic appliance, it is generally maintenance free. To ensure the compactor serves you well, it requires that you regularly replace the trash bags supplied by your waste management company. Some of the garbage compactors will take the regular bags, although premium level appliances have proprietary bags.


It is important to note that trash compactors are designed for compaction only. For your organic waste such as food remains, it is preferable to use the standard garbage disposal system, and for that, you may need to keep a separate bin. The main benefit of trash compactors is keeping your garbage out of sight before it’s taken by your waste management company for disposal or recycling. You can always learn more at the Rotobale Compaction Solutions website.

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