You’ve probably experienced the anxious feeling of choosing the best gift for someone. It can be equally exciting and stressful. However, it’s much easier when you know the category under which your potential gift lies to eliminate it from the others.

There’s only one planet, earth, and everyone is bound to protect it in every aspect possible. Providing eco-friendly gifts goes a long way in protecting the environment and the world. Consider the various factors relating to the selection of eco-friendly gifts. Hopefully, you’ve gained an idea or two to keep you motivated to gift your environmentalist friend.

The best eco-friendly gift basket involves:

  • Low impact on environmental pollution.
  • High quality to prevent easy wear out and damage.
    Bio-degradable products.
  • Reusability- to minimize the instances of getting back to the store quite soon.
  • The sustainability of the mother source.

Let’s check out eight eco-friendly gift basket ideas for the environment:

Idea #1: Solar System Gift Basket

There’s nothing better than a fully packed solar system gift basket for a friend who has been shedding tears from substantial electricity bills. The basket comes with a high-quality solar panel system and accessories and several solar rechargeable bulbs.

In addition, these gift baskets Toronto include chargers, solar water heaters, and a solar rechargeable smartphone. It’s a goodbye to air pollution and financial constraints from constant electricity use.

Idea #2: Flowerpot Gift Basket

Anyone would be thrilled to receive a well-presented flowerpot gift basket, especially if they like to grow natural flowers in their backyards. The basket is one of the fanciest eco-ideas, carrying several differently-sized flowerpots, plant stands, and climb tables for related plants.

Even better, you can have the recipient’s name engraved on the pots, alongside several world’s most unique seedlings and a booklet illustrating how to plant and take care of them.

Idea #3: Re-usable Grocery and Shopping Bags

Say no to plastic bags and get your friend a reusable grocery and shopping bag gift basket which is eco-friendly and long-lasting. For years, reusable bags have saved the world from the toxic effects of plastic pollution.

The basket includes a variety of reusable bags in different sizes and designs to anyone’s satisfaction. You can have the recipient’s favourite plants or fruits drawn on the bags’ front and back sides; to elevate their moods whenever they use them. The bags are also perfect for transporting flowers and storing fruits.

Idea #4: Organic Yoga Mats

The organic mat gift basket is perfect for the keeping-fit-fellas, not forgetting its adorable eco-friendly features. For your information, no chemicals, dyes, or bleach compounds are used in making these yoga mats as they contain pure hand-harvested fibre.

The basket comprises various differently-sized yoga mats, eco-friendly shoes, outfits, and a booklet illustrating different yoga techniques your friend might not have known before. How about having their name inscribed on top of the mats? Interesting.

Idea #5: Compost Bin Gift Basket

Although common in most households, compost bins would still make an ideal gift basket, yet the simplest to acquire and arrange. Besides minimizing the amount of waste polluting the environment, the containers help with environmental protection.

The basket comes with several compost bins in different sizes and designs; enough for every room in your house. Compost bins are available in various categories, indoor and outdoor, in high quality at nearly all mega-stores in the city.

Idea #6: Farmer’s Gift Basket

As the name suggests, a farmer’s gift basket is perfect for every farmer out there, thanks to the load of essentials it comes with. After several visits, you must have witnessed how dedicated your friend is to their pretty little farm and would want to significantly share your energy without necessarily getting to the farm.

Get them that farmer’s gift basket and watch how happy they will be. The basket includes several farm tools, flexible and convenient for a little farm, seedlings and their care guides, and a booklet showcasing some unique designs for laying out a kitchen garden or farm.

Idea #7: Eco-friendly Grill

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the eco-friendly grill as one of the best gifts you can offer in protecting the environment. It’s the most straightforward yet unique gift you can give your grilled-meat lover to curb them from using their usual air-polluting one.

The basket comes with a plant-charcoal-based grill, a bamboo chopping board, and a spatula, not forgetting its ease of portability and operation. That gang-grill event you’ve been organizing would be more fantastic with this set- get yourselves one.

Idea #8: Water Bottle Gift Basket

Not just water bottles, but stainless water bottles! They play a massive role in preventing the environment from plastic pollution due to their reusability. Besides water, the bottles are suitable for drinks like juice, tea, coffee, or porridge and will keep them at the preferred temperatures based on the type.

The water bottle gift basket includes several bottles in different sizes and designs, fit for several duties from office, hiking, to the gym, and nature walks.

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