If you love wine then chances are you have lots of wine bottles kicking around your home. Since glass is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly repurposed, there are so many things you can do with the bottles once you’re done enjoying the wine.

We hope you like a good DIY project, because we have seven fun ways to reuse your wine bottles! From using your empty wine bottles as a slow drip irrigator to feed your plants to stringing them up to make a cool lighting display, the options for your wine collection are truly endless.

Below are the seven environmentally friendly ways to reuse wine bottles:

1. Bird Feeder

One of the best ways to reuse wine bottles is making a bird feeder. For a really cool looking bird feeder, put your woodworking skills to use and fashion a wine bottle feeder. You’ll need a plank of wood to go vertical so you can attach your bird feeder to an outside wall, and some small pieces of wood attached to it to hold the bottle.

Leave some space at the bottom so that a wine bottle filled with birdseed can spill some of the seed onto the wood, giving the birds in your backyard an opportunity to feed on the seeds.

Not only is this a functional DIY, but it looks really great too!

2. Chalk Message Board

Gather three or four empty wine bottles that you have lying around. Then, head to your local hardware store and pick up a can of chalkboard paint. All you need to do is simply paint your bottles with the chalkboard paint and you have a creative way to write messages to the other people in your house!

Display this in your kitchen with a stick of chalk and there you have a message board that only cost you the price of a can of chalkboard paint!

3. Slow Drip Irrigator

A great way to repurpose your old wine bottles without having to do much work is to use it as a slow drip irrigator to feed your plants. All you need to do is drill a hole through the cork and fill the bottle with water. Next, position the bottle neck first into your plant pot and your bottle will water your plants for you, delivering a steady stream of moisture around the clock.

This is particularly useful if you have a lot of plants, forget to water them or water them too much.

A bonus? It also looks really cool!

4. Message in a Bottle

For some fun and quirky home décor, fill your empty wine bottle part way with sand. Then, either write a message yourself, or for décor purposes, rip out a page of a book, roll it up, and place it sticking out of the sand.
Once that’s done, you can stick the cork back in and wrap some twine around the top of the bottle for some added style.

Do this with a few bottles and then display them in your living room or even your bathroom. We’re sure no one else will have such a creative piece of home décor like this!

5. Painted Vases

Wine bottles look so pretty once they’re painted. You can really have fun with this and paint your bottles in a solid colour or paint a design on them.

Then, you can put some water in the bottles and use them as a vase for fresh flowers. If fresh flowers aren’t your thing, you can stick to fake flowers and these painted vases will look just as nice in your home.

6. Boot Stand

We all have this problem: boots that don’t stand up straight and that constantly fall all over your entryway.
Another really easy DIY you can do with your leftover wine bottles to help you with this problem is to use them as a boot stand! All you need to do for this DIY is get out your boots and tuck a wine bottle inside. This will help your boots stand straight up, which helps them keep their shape and stops them from falling over.

Simple, easy, and effective!

7. Glass Pebble Pendant Lights

For this DIY, cut off the bottom of your bottles and pick up some glass pebbles from the dollar store or your local craft store. Use glue to stick them onto your bottles.

You’ll also need a cord set and a light bulb that will fit into your bottle once you have cut the bottom portion of the glass off.

Then all you need to do is insert the cord set, fasten the lightbulb in, then use ceiling hooks to string them up. It’s that easy!

We’re sure the next time you have friends and family over, they will truly be impressed, and you’ll have a great conversation piece!

These DIYs also make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas gifts, and your best friend’s birthday. If there’s a wine lover on your list, they are sure to be impressed with one of these gifts!

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