The world is constantly looking for ways to lower our carbon footprint as it stands right now. Becoming more environmentally aware of our surroundings allows us to stabilize our planet to not become unsustainable. Not only is this vital for our world’s future, but it can become much more beneficial for us in many ways too.

For example, by becoming more energy efficient in our lives, we can save on some key costs. Homeowners may try to look for ways to modify their property to realize this energy-efficient goal. Installing a roof is often one of the best solutions. Let’s check out the six best energy-efficient roof options:

Option #1: Insulated Roof

Keeping energy costs as low as possible in your home doesn’t necessarily start with your roof. The adjacent materials just underneath the roof are also important to consider. Insulation then becomes paramount within the context of an energy-efficient goal. Experts estimate that energy costs can be reduced by at least ten percent due to good insulation.

Good insulation prevents heated or air-conditioned air from leaking out the roof in most senses. This becomes crucial for the short term, as all that energy will have gone to waste if it gets out. Ensure the areas underneath the roof are properly insulated to save on those key costs.

Option #2: Cool Roof Coating

Everyone in our global society will live in areas with different climates. It might be time to look at roofing options for those who live in a much warmer or even hotter setting. That is because the roof you currently have installed may not work as intended for the future. Cool roof options circumvent this predicament in an energy-efficient way.

It all starts with your current roof and its structural integrity. If it is good to go for several years in the future, applying a cool roof coating will do you some good. In essence, this works by maximizing the roof’s ability to reflect and emit heat. You don’t have to worry about potential heat-based damages here either!

Option #3: Asphalt Shingles

Sometimes, homeowners may be looking for a more long-term option for their currently installed roof. In some cases, this may involve ripping out almost all of the shingles present and installing better ones. Asphalt shingles may be the name of the game in this potential, energy-efficient scenario.

These shingles partly work due to the reflective granules they are infused with. This helps boost a more respectable energy-efficient-saving ability at the end of the day. Homeowners should be aware that this may be more costly due to installation. However, you can do no wrong by going with this type of option either.

Option #4: Flat Roof

Sometimes, the most simple of options available is also the most effective. Flat roofing options can do wonders for energy efficiency, depending on where the individual lives. These types of roofing options also happen to maximize the amount of heat that is reflected.

Of course, it comes down to how the roof is built in its composition. For homeowners thinking about going with this type of roof, be aware of the elements. Sometimes, it might not be as effective if the area you are in is prone to inclement weather conditions. However, it is a great variation to go with most of the time! Consult the professionals like SKP Roofing to determine if a flat roof is ideal for your building.

Option #5: Solar Tiles

While many of the roofs mentioned previously are great, solar tiles stand out by and large. This is largely because these tiles are made to save on energy costs. When installed properly, the tiles convert sunlight into electricity to be used by your home.

Naturally, this cuts down on any sort of energy-based costs you may be incurred at the current moment. Solar tiles can be pretty pricey and effective only in areas with a large amount of sunlight. However, you can do no wrong when using this roofing option.

Option #6: Green Roofing

Solar tile-based roofs may be one of the best options to use for your energy-saving needs. On the flip side, green roofing options may be even better if the circumstances are ripe for it. In essence, these roofs are soil and vegetation that sit atop a flat roof.

This option may be at the top of the proverbial class for those who like their flat roof variations. By absorbing sunlight directly, you will save greatly on everyday energy costs. There are a ton of great roofing options available, no matter what your energy-efficient goals maybe!

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