Three Reasons to Use Courier Services Rather Than Other Shipping Methods

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When you think about sending a package or envelope to another party, there are a few main delivery options that come to mind. These may include the postal service as well as the large, well-known shipping companies that offer national or global delivery service. While these are the most commonly thought of delivery options available, another idea is to use courier services for small business shipping and individual delivery needs. Courier rates are increasingly more affordable, making a courier a cost-effective option to consider. There are three prime times when you need to use courier services rather than other delivery methods.

You Need Same-Day Delivery Service
Couriers offer a unique style of delivery for your package, and many take a hands-on approach to serving your needs. In many cases, couriers offer local service, and they can pick up your package and deliver it to the recipient in the same day. In fact, when service is in the same town, delivery may be completed within an hour or less. This is one of the fastest ways to get your package to a desired location without physically delivering the package yourself.

You Have a Localized Delivery Need
Another reason to consider using courier services is if you have a localized delivery need. For example, you may need to deliver a package in your city or a nearby city. Paying costly shipping fees to one of the major shipping companies to deliver your package within the next few days for localized service may seem like a waste of money. With a courier, you
can save money and get your package delivered to a local area more quickly. Keep in mind that some companies provide courier service to any location in the state.

You Have a Package With Special Needs
Some packages are unique, and some of the large delivery companies may not allow you to ship the contents you need to deliver. In some cases, you may have a very unusually-shaped or heavy box that would cost a fortune to deliver through one of the large delivery companies. In other cases, you may have a very fragile or expensive item that you simply do not trust a large company not to lose or damage. When you have a package that requires special handling, you will enjoy the attention to detail your courier service provides.

Each delivery order you have is unique, and you may find that using some shipping companies over others for specific orders is beneficial. In addition, there are many instances when local courier services are a preferred option over any of the major shipping companies. As you explore the options for your current delivery needs, keep Flagship services in mind.

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 Three Reasons to Use Courier Services Rather Than Other Shipping Methods