Norway opens Arctic water to 29 companies

The Associated Press
Norway has awarded 24 oil and gas drilling permits to 29 companies to explore the nation's Arctic waters, The Associated Press reports.

Total Q1 profit hit by Canada project exit

PARIS (AP) — French oil company Total said Friday that its net profit fell 58 percent in the first quarter after it took a heavy loss to pull out of a Canadian project it said was no longer worth the investment.

Total restarts production after North Sea gas leak

PARIS (AP) — French energy group Total says it is slowly restarting gas production in an area of the North Sea where a well sprang a leak nearly a year ago.

Oil executive, former French minister on trial for corruption

Christophe de Margerie, chief executive of Total, and Charles Pasqua, former French interior minister, appeared in court today for corruption charges stemming from the United Nations oil-for-food program in Iraq, Reuters reports.

Qatar extends oil field pact with France's Total

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Qatar says it has signed another 25-year agreement with France's Total to oversee a major offshore oil field.


Total looks to Africa for output growth


The French oil giant Total is hoping its African projects will increase its output by 25 percent over the next five years, Reuters reports.

Court convicts in deadly 2001 French factory blast

PARIS (AP) — A court in southwestern France on Monday convicted a factory chief and a subsidiary of oil giant Total of manslaughter for an explosion at a chemical plant in 2001 that killed 31 people.

The appeals court overturned earlier acquittals, 11 years after the blast that tore apart the AZF plant in Toulouse with the force of a 3.4-magnitude earthquake. Some 2,000 people were injured.


Iraq warns Total about Kurdish deal

Iraq has asked French oil giant Total S.A. to choose between working with the self-ruled northern Kurdish region or to quit developing one of the major oil fields in southern Iraq.

Last month, Total said it signed a deal with the Kurds to search for oil in two areas, defying Baghdad. Iraq's central government insists the country's energy resources should be managed on a national level.

Oil companies lobby for EU carbon capture support


Several oil companies, including Shell and Total, are asking the European Union for assistance in carbon capture projects as the Emissions Trading Scheme faces financial woes, Bloomberg reports.


French oil giant Total sees earnings grow

French oil giant Total saw its revenue grow 10 percent in the first half of the year but provisions and a strengthening dollar helped push profit down 22 percent.

Despite the weak economy, Total said Friday that its revenue grew to €100.3 billion ($123 billion) for January to June over the same period last year.


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