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Romney's energy agenda would face major challenges


Mitt Romney would face a major uphill battle to achieve his aggressive energy agenda if he wins in November, Politico reports.

Climate group urges Obama campaign to drop coal ad

The Hill

Forecast the Facts is urging the Obama campaign to take down a pro-coal TV ad, saying that it "misrepresents the president" and his position on coal, The Hill reports.

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As Republicans wobble on oil tax breaks, industry readies for debate

As Republican talk on the campaign trail intensifies about cutting billions of dollars in drilling tax breaks, the industry's main trade group on Thursday made clear that Big Oil is not yet ready to embrace the loss of deductions in return for lower corporate rates.

"We understand that during the dynamic of a tax reform scenario, the industry will be impacted, just given the size and scope of our industry," said Brian Johnson, senior tax adviser at the American Petroleum Institute, during a media briefing.

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Romney, Upton pressure Obama on energy

With new momentum in his race for the White House, Mitt Romney is moving to highlight his opposition to President Barack Obama's green energy and oil drilling policies, with some fresh help from his allies in Congress.

Polling has not shown voters to rank energy issues among their top concerns, despite high gasoline prices.

Romney rides off debate performance in Ohio

The Hill

Riding off his debate performance last week, Mitt Romney took questions with Gov. Chris Christie about energy policy and other issues at a town hall meeting in order to gain ground in Ohio, The Hill reports.

Romney resurrects rumors about EPA regulation of farm dust


GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is resurrecting the notion that the Obama administration wants to regulate farm dust, a claim the EPA adamantly denies, Politico reports.

Romney outlines rural plan, backs renewable fuel standard


Mitt Romney released his agricultural policy Tuesday, which includes support for the renewable fuel standard as part of his broader energy independence agenda, reports.

Environmentalists fear Obama will approve Keystone pipeline


Many environmentalists are afraid that Obama will sign off on the Keystone XL pipeline after the election is over, but continue to support the president during the election, Politico reports.

Ohio Dems seek probe of Romney donations from coal firm

Toledo Blade

Ohio Democrats are seeking an investigation into whether coal giant Murray Energy forced employees to contribute to GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, the Toledo Blade reports.


Ryan says in Ohio pipeline key to creating jobs

SWANTON, Ohio (AP) — Mitt Romney's administration on Day One would approve a pipeline that would run from Canada to U.S. refineries in Texas, creating thousands of jobs and pushing America on its way to energy independence, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said Monday.


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