India's rising tiger numbers may be victory only on paper

SUNDARBAN TIGER RESERVE, India (AP) — At first, the numbers seem impressive: India's tiger population has gone up 30 percent in just four years. The government lauded the news as astonishing evidence of victory in conservation.

But independent scientists say such an increase — to 2,226 big cats — in so short a time doesn't make sense.

India's Modi seeks nuclear power in France

Globe and Mail

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is heading to France to try to secure new nuclear reactors and fuel for his power-hungry country, The Globe and Mal reports.

India says it is suspending Greenpeace over funding issue

NEW DELHI (AP) — India's home ministry on Thursday temporarily suspended the registration of Greenpeace India, saying it was under-reporting foreign contributions and using them without government approval.

The suspension lasts six months and the ministry gave the organization 30 days to challenge the order. Until then, it would not be able to operate its bank accounts in the country.

India's Modi blames changing lifestyles for rising pollution

NEW DELHI (AP) — Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday blamed the changing lifestyles that have come with India's economic development for rising pollution levels that have given the country some of the world's dirtiest air.

With his government rolling out a new Air Quality Index to 10 of the nation's cities, Modi urged Indians to curtail waste and conserve resources even as they become wealthier, in order to prevent an environmental catastrophe.

Lecture on Indian efficiency, carbon efforts

College Park, Md., March 27, 2015, 12:00 pm

Dr. Ajay Mathur, director of India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency, to speak on efficiency gains made in recent years, with particular focus on the LED industry, and the nation's efforts to reduce carbon intensity.

Solar Impulse lands in Varanasi


Solar Impulse, the plane powered entirely by solar energy, flew to Varanasi, India Wednesday, completing another leg on its round-the-world journey with pilot Andre Borschberg at the controls, BBC reports.

Former UN climate panel chief barred from leaving India

NEW DELHI (AP) — A court on Thursday barred the former chairman of the U.N. climate panel from leaving India, where he faces charges of sexually harassing a woman at his New Delhi energy institute.

The court also said R.K. Pachauri could not be arrested until after March 27, while he undergoes hospital treatment for hypertension. But it prohibited him from entering or contacting anyone at the research and lobbying organization he heads, called The Energy Resources Institute.

Filthy India air cutting 660 million lives short by 3 years

NEW DELHI (AP) — India's filthy air is cutting 660 million lives short by about three years, according to research published Saturday that underlines the hidden costs of the country's heavy reliance on fossil fuels to power its economic growth with little regard for the environment.

While New Delhi last year earned the dubious title of being the world's most polluted city, India's air pollution problem is extensive, with 13 Indian cities now on the World Health Organization's list of the 20 most polluted.

India: 7 arrested for stealing, leaking energy documents

NEW DELHI (AP) — Police have arrested seven people for allegedly stealing classified documents from the Indian government and selling them to energy companies, a top police officer said Friday.

Three men were arrested after they were caught trespassing and stealing documents from India's Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Police Commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi told reporters.

India's Modi, Sri Lanka president ink nuclear agreement

NEW DELHI (AP) — Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sri Lanka's newly elected president, Maithripala Sirisena, held wide-ranging talks Monday as the South Asian neighbors sought to strengthen strategic ties, increase trade and resolve long-standing issues between their nations.

This was Sirisena's first foreign visit as president, and Indian officials said it indicated the easing of tensions that had crept into the relationship as China made forays into what New Delhi considers its strategic backyard.


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