Greenpeace: Indian court stays order canceling work permit

NEW DELHI (AP) — Greenpeace India said Friday that a court has put on hold a government order canceling its registration to operate in India.

The court ruled that the environmental group could continue to operate in the country until a final verdict is reached on charges of financial irregularities that the government has leveled against it, said Hozefa Merchant, a campaigner with the group.

India court orders action on crematorium near Taj Mahal

NEW DELHI (AP) — India's Supreme Court has ordered a state government to remove a wood-burning crematorium from near the Taj Mahal to protect the iconic monument from pollution damage.

The judges said Monday that the government of Uttar Pradesh state could either move the crematorium away from the Taj Mahal or install an electric one in its place.

India sees clean cooking as climate action that saves lives

GANORA SHEIKH VILLAGE, India (AP) — Kamlesh feeds the flames of a crude clay cookstove with kindling, kerosene and sunbaked discs of cow dung. She breathes in the billowing smoke, as she does for hours every day. Her eyes water and sting. Her throat feels scratchy and sore.

Kamlesh is one of hundreds of millions of Indian housewives who, with the simple act of cooking family meals, fill their homes every day with deadly airborne pollutants. The constant exposure to indoor air pollution kills some 4.3 million people every year across the world — 30 percent of them in India.

Turkmenistan and Afghanistan to lay new pipeline

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP) — Presidents of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan have met to launch the construction of a pipeline that will pump natural gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Turkmenistan is believed to have the world's fourth-largest gas reserves, but currently exports almost all of it to China.

Greenpeace says its permit to work in India was canceled

NEW DELHI (AP) — Greenpeace said Friday its registration to operate in India has been canceled under orders from the country's home ministry.

The environmental group said in a statement that it would challenge the decision in court.


Nepal turns to China for fuel after India restricts supply

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Fuel-starved Nepal has signed an agreement with China to import gasoline, diesel and cooking gas, effectively ending monopoly on supply from India, which has restricted fuel convoys as a result of political protests in the Himalayan nation.

The decision to import Chinese oil amid severe shortages has brought the northern giant a step closer to Nepal, which traditionally is more influenced by India in the south. The two Asian rivals have been jostling for influence in landlocked Nepal.


China to supply gasoline to fuel-starved Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — China will provide Nepal with 1.3 million liters (340,000 gallons) of gasoline to help it cope with severe fuel shortages as a result of restricted supplies from neighboring India, officials said Sunday.

The gasoline will be brought to a town near the China-Nepal border, said Nepal Oil Corporation official Deepak Baral. It will take about 100 tanker trucks to transport the gasoline to Kathmandu, Nepal's capital.

Oil-starved Nepal seeks suppliers to bring fuel by air

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Struggling with a fuel shortage after Indian shipments went on hold, Nepal is asking suppliers to bring gasoline and kerosene by airplane before the Himalayan country begins celebrating its biggest festival of the year, and for the first time is looking to import fuel from China.

The state-run Nepal Oil Corp. said Thursday it also needs aviation fuel and diesel, after supplies were cut off two weeks ago. Since then, the country has had to halt all fuel sales for private vehicles, and was rationing what was left among hospitals, government offices and police.

India ties carbon pledge to environmentalist Gandhi

NEW DELHI (AP) — India submitted its climate pledge to the United Nations Thursday, the last major economy to do so, citing an intended link to prominent historical environmental figure Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said India held its submission back so it could coordinate its filing with the Indian holiday celebrating Gandhi's birthday on Friday.

India vows to cut carbon intensity in Paris pledge

STOCKHOLM (AP) — As the last major economy to submit a target for a global climate pact, India is pledging to reduce the intensity of its carbon emissions and boost the share of electricity produced from sources other than fossil fuels to 40 percent by 2030.

The world's third-largest carbon polluter filed its climate action plan to the Germany-based U.N. climate secretariat late Thursday, the deadline for pledges before a December conference in Paris, where governments are supposed to adopt a landmark deal to fight climate change.


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