Coal 'good for humanity,' Australia's Abbott says

The Sydney Morning Herald

Speaking at a new mine opening, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott praised coal as "good for humanity" and touted increasing trade with Japan in a potential rebuke of new Chinese tariffs on coal imports, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Australia to supply uranium to India

Deutsche Welle

The leaders of Australia and India have signed an agreement for Australia to supply India with uranium for nuclear power plants, Deutsche Welle reports.

Emissions hike in Australia after end of carbon tax

The Sydney Morning Herald

Carbon emissions from Australia’s biggest electricity grid saw the biggest two-month increase in a decade following Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s move to ditch the country’s carbon tax, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Australia to sign uranium export deal with India

NEW DELHI (AP) — Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott met with his Indian counterpart Friday on a two-day state visit during which they are expected to sign a deal to allow the export of Australian uranium to India for use in power generation.

The agreement is expected to be signed Friday evening. Australia, which has almost a third of the world's known uranium reserves, imposes strict conditions on uranium exports and India's failure to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty had long been a barrier to a trade deal.


Apache strikes oil offshore Western Australia

The Wall Street Journal

Apache Corp. says its Phoenix South-1 well in the Canning Basin off Western Australia may have tapped into as much as 300 million barrels of crude, which would represent the largest oil discovery for the country in decades, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Cooling Pacific reduces odds for El Nino: Australia


Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology is reducing to 50 percent the odds of an El Nino weather pattern developing this year, as Pacific Ocean temperatures have cooled, Bloomberg reports.

Global carbon emissions hopes dashed by Australia

The Wall Street Journal

International efforts to control emissions ahead of the next round of climate talks have been hit hard by Australia repealing its pioneering carbon tax, which has left Europe isolated in its efforts, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Senate Democrats

Reid backs climate bill push in Senate

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Monday said he wants to bring up climate  legislation after the mid-term elections this fall, though he made no firm pledge.

"I sure hope so," Reid, D-Nev. said when asked by a reporter during a conference call if a bill to put a price on carbon or otherwise address climate change was possible between the November elections and the end of the current Congress in early January.

Opponents paint Australian carbon tax repeal as climate retreat

The New York Times

The move by the Australian government under Prime Minister Tony Abbott to repeal a two-year-old carbon tax drew outrage from environmentalists and opposing politicians, saying the repeal makes Australia the only country to scale back progress on climate change, The New York Times reports.

Australia repeals controversial carbon tax

SYDNEY (AP) — Australia's government repealed a much-maligned carbon tax on the nation's worst greenhouse gas polluters on Thursday, ending years of contention over a measure that became political poison for the lawmakers who imposed it.

The Senate voted 39 to 32 to axe the 24.15 Australian dollar ($22.60) tax per metric ton of carbon dioxide that was introduced by the center-left Labor government in July 2012. Conservative lawmakers burst into applause as the final tally was announced.


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