Five Things Your New Employee Needs to Know

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Five Things Your New Employee Needs to Know

New employee orientation can be a large responsibility for you as a manager. You will have to ensure that your new employee knows everything there is to know about the workplace in a short period of time. This person must receive training on subjects ranging from scheduling to GHS pictograms and GHS labels. The following are five subjects that you should touch during orientation to ensure that your new employee is equipped to start working:

The Dress Code

One of the most important pieces of information that you must pass to your employee is the dress code. The person needs to know what the company expects from him or her in terms of grooming, clothing style, protective gear, and tattoos and body piercings. Your new employee can prepare to make the necessary adjustments as long as you notify that person of what the company expects.

The Schedule

Every employee needs to know the schedule. Employees need to first know where the schedule is located in the building and when it goes out. Next, the employee needs to know when and how to make scheduling requests. Additionally, employees must know what to expect when they ask for special requests.

The Pay Scheme

The pay scheme is another important aspect of familiarizing a new employee with the job. This person will want to know when the pay week ends, the frequency of payment and how the company makes its payment. The employee will want to know the options that he or she has for payment, as well. Examples are paycheck, direct deposit and payment card.

Chemical Information

Another element that you must teach your new employee as quickly as possible is how to read the work safety labels. Labels should be on all dangerous chemicals in the store. They should have the appropriate GHS labels on them with the GHS classification and various information. The employees need to know where to read information on how to use the products and what to do if they come in contact with such products. showing the employees where they can find the information will prevent a ton of accidents from occurring.

Immediate Cause for Termination

Finally, all new employees should have the “immediate termination” list. The “immediate termination” list is that list of actions or situations that will cause a person to lose that job ASAP without any chance of appeal. Managers must give employees these lists so that they cannot dispute it if they receive a termination due to doing something that the list prohibits.

There are many things that you will need to explain to your new employee. These are only a few that you need to ensure that you teach them. Start here, and your new worker should be just fine. You can learn more at the ICC Compliance Center website.

Optimizing Production Produtivity

For all industrial processing and manufacturing plants across Canada, keeping up with technology, just like all other plants across the globe, is crucial for productivity, efficiency and survival. Every member of staff in any plant, whether senior or subordinate, marketing or technical, understands just how critical all filtration processes are to plant’s day to day operation. Therefore, one must appreciate the incredible effort the world is witnessing by researchers from various filtration companies. They have recently been making changes to various industrial filters by tweaking them, revamping how they function and coming up with entirely new models that merge the functions of different gadgets into more compact and efficient devices.

Flaws of Outdated Industrial Filtration Systems

According to researchers, when plants fail to upgrade their filtration systems, they encounter several functional constraints. Their processes become hampered; their production efficiency goes up as their operating costs increase due to increased energy consumption to production ratio and loss of revenue in conducting general repairs and maintenance. Therefore, the research findings made a few proposals including but not limited to:

• Plants should conduct an internal analysis of their processes. They indicated that every individual plant’s processes have unique filtration requirements necessitated by the amount and size of particles that have to be separated from other solids and fluids. The single most important filtration decision a plant could make is choosing the right kind of industrial filters to use for its needs. If an analysis finds that the plant has been using an unsuitable system for its filtration needs, the best course of action would be to change it completely. If not, simply update it.

Bag filters may be used by processing plants to separate insoluble solids from liquids. Since almost all plants in the world cannot function without cleaning water before, after, and sometimes, before and after they start their production processes, whether or not bag filters need to be used is never a question. The real question becomes, how can bag filters be used to maximize the process efficiency of a plant and still meet environmental obligations?

Experts recommend that every plant contract internal and external professionals to scrutinize the various needs the plant has in relation to their production process and cross check which among the following uses the plant may have for bag filters:

• Cooling heat emitting systems
• Recycling
• Purification

The bag filter experts can then assist plant staff to make concerted efforts to rehabilitate their filtration systems by placing the right number and sizes of bag filters in positions that bring about optimum productivity. Learn more by visiting Fil-Trek Corporation.

Landrieu named chair of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., was named chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee by the full Senate on Wednesday, a day earlier than expected.

The Senate also made Wyden the new chair of the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee. He takes over the post following the departure of former Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., to become U.S. ambassador to China.

Landrieu, Murkowski call for IG to find source of grid vulnerability stories

The chair and the top Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday urged the Energy Department’s internal watchdog to investigate the publication of a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission analysis that warned a coordinated attack on the electricity grid could cause massive blackouts.

The Wall Street Journal earlier this month published details of an internal FERC analysis showing that disabling nine key transformers critical to the bulk power system could cut electricity from coast to coast. The story did not give locations, but described how different sets of nine large transformers, among 30 modeled by FERC, could cause similar blackouts.

House Republicans to probe EPA moves on Pebble Mine after report

The chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee is pressing the Environmental Protection Agency for information, after a report concluded the agency gave environmentalists improper favor when it proposed restrictions on a potential gold and copper mining project in Bristol Bay.

In a Wednesday letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said the report, conducted by Clinton administration Defense Secretary William Cohen for the mining group Pebble Partnership, raised serious concerns about the transparency of the agency’s action.

Smith also announced that the committee would hold a Nov. 5 hearing on the EPA’s handling of the project, with Cohen set to testify.

High-efficiency wood heating systems winning converts

ATHENS, N.Y. (AP) — With the touch of a finger on an iPod-style screen, Eric Besenfelder can monitor and troubleshoot the shiny, wood-pellet furnace that heats Athens Elementary School in the Hudson Valley.

Like the smoky, outdoor wood boilers that have proliferated in rural areas over the past 20 years, the wood furnace at Athens is housed in a shed behind the building. But that’s where the similarity ends.

GAO highlights issues with EPA science board policies

As Republicans press legislation that would overhaul the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of scientific advisory panels for crafting regulations, a government auditor is highlighting problems with the agency’s guidelines for responding to congressional requests for advice from the boards.

The Government Accountability Office said Wednesday the guidelines “lack clarity,” and that one of the boards isn’t being asked for advice on  the adverse effects of regulations.

Alfredo Gomez, GAO Natural Resources and Environment team director, told a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee panel that a preliminary investigation of the Scientific Advisory Board, or SAB, and the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, or CASAC, revealed some potential issues with how the boards are currently operated.

Feds to resume leasing for fracking in California

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management will resume issuing oil and gas leases next year for federal lands in California after a new study found limited environmental impacts from fracking and other enhanced drilling techniques, the agency said Thursday.

The move will end a halt that has stood since a federal judge ruled in 2013 that the federal agency failed to follow environmental law in allowing an oil extraction method known as fracking on public land in Monterey County.

EPA suggests triggers for warning of algae in drinking water

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing guidelines to help state and local officials detect dangerous levels of algal toxins in drinking water.

EPA officials Wednesday released suggested thresholds that should prompt actions such as issuing do-not-drink warnings or taking steps to quickly reduce levels of two types of algal toxins. One set of trigger points was recommended for young children and another for the rest of the population.