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More E85 locations, EIA reports, but growth slows

The availability of 85 percent ethanol for use in cars that can take the biofuel blend has grown rapidly over the past six years, notably outside the industry's traditional base in the Midwest, the Energy Information Administration reported Friday.

EIA said about 2 percent of all gas stations sold the blend, known as E85, by the end of last year. That's more than double the number of retail outlets since the first state data was gathered in 2007, although growth has slowed in the past two years.

The fuel can be used in about 5 percent of U.S. vehicles.

Farm bill wins praise from biotech industry group

Domestic Fuel

The five-year farm bill signed by President Obama today won the praise of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, which said the bill benefits the industry by defining renewable biochemicals, Domestic Fuel reports.

U.S. imported record biodiesel supplies in December


Biodiesel imports soared last year as refiners took advantage of a blending tax credit that ended on Dec. 31, Platts reports.

Senate set to send farm bill to Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress is poised to send a massive, five-year farm bill that provides food for the needy and subsidies for the nation's farmers to the White House for President Barack Obama's signature.

The Senate was expected to pass the almost $100 billion-a-year compromise bill Tuesday; the House passed it last week. The bill provides a financial cushion for farmers who face unpredictable weather and market conditions, while also continuing to subsidize services for rural residents and communities who have hit hard times in recent years. The majority of the bill's cost is food stamps, which supplement meal costs for 1 in 7 Americans.

House Republicans had hoped to trim the bill's costs, pointing to a booming agriculture sector in recent years and saying the now $80 billion-a-year food stamp program has spiraled out of control. Partisan disagreements stalled the bill for more than two years, but conservatives were eventually outnumbered as the Democratic Senate, the White House and a still-powerful bipartisan coalition of farm-state lawmakers pushed to get the bill done.

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Capitol Hill presses Obama on RFS as comment deadline nears

President Barack Obama continues to get pressure from Capitol Hill to soften, if not reverse, a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to cut biofuels use this year under the Renewable Fuel Standard.

On Thursday, a group of 30 House lawmakers wrote to Obama objecting to the plan. The letter followed protests raised by Senate Democrats at a meeting with Obama at the White House Wednesday on his 2014 agenda, and at a meeting in December that EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy held with 16 pro-biofuels senators from both parties.

Harkin: EPA plans to review RFS proposal


Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, says Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy is promising her agency would "take another look" at its proposal to cut biofuel blending levels under next year's Renewable Fuel Standard, Reuters reports.

ADM stays in Illinois despite lack of tax breaks

CHICAGO (AP) — Archer Daniels Midland Co. decided Wednesday to set up its new international headquarters in Chicago even after it failed in its bid for millions of dollars in state tax breaks. The move was the latest twist in the debate about how far Illinois and other states should go to lure and keep companies.

EPA invalidates biofuels credits sold through alleged fraud


The Environmental Protection Agency invalidated 33.5 million renewable identification numbers sold by Indiana's E-Biofuels, alleging the company didn't produce the biofuels it claimed, Bloomberg reports.

RFA presses Congress on biofuel credit extensions

Biomass Magazine

The Renewable Fuels Association urged Congress to act on legislation introduced by Rep. Scott Peters, D-Calif., that would extend tax credits for biofuel producers set to expire at the end of the year, Biomass Magazine reports.

Navy, USDA moving forward on biofuels purchases

San Diego Union-Tribune

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced the branch is moving forward with an initiative with the Agriculture Department to make more regular purchases of bulk biofuels to power naval aircraft and vessels, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.


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