Bigger customer base for SolarCity in 3Q


Top U.S. solar panel installer SolarCity reported adding customers to generate a 20 percent hike in revenue in the third quarter, to $58.34 million, although that was less than analysts expected and the company’s loss widened compared to the year-ago period, Reuters reports.

Abengoa to go it alone on Palen solar

The Desert Sun

Abengoa Solar says it has bought out BrightSource Energy’s stake in the controversial Palen solar project and intends to move forward on it, although the company says it has made some configuration changes, and will likely need to receive new approvals from regulators, The Desert Sun reports.

Fight over solar charges headed to Ohio high court

The Columbus Dispatch

The battle by Ohio utilities to overturn a Public Utilities Commission ruling barring them from imposing special charges on customers who generate their own solar power is headed to the state Supreme Court, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

SolarWorld to expand, create 200 new jobs

The New York Times

Increased demand is leading SolarWorld Americas to spend $10 million expanding its solar modules plant, and the company announced it will be hiring 200 additional workers as well, The New York Times reports.

Electric-car drivers trading gas for solar power

DETROIT (AP) — Owners of electric vehicles have already gone gas-free. Now, a growing number are powering their cars with sunlight.

Solar panels installed on the roof of a home or garage can easily generate enough electricity to power an electric or plug-in gas-electric hybrid vehicle. The panels aren't cheap, and neither are the cars. A Ford Fusion Energi plug-in sedan, for example, is $7,200 more than an equivalent gas-powered Fusion even after a $4,007 federal tax credit.

Battles escalating over utilities’ moves to lease solar panels

San Francisco Chronicle

Solar companies are fighting a new trend: Utilities leasing solar panels and attempting to do so under state rules guaranteeing them a rate of return, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Southern buys California plant from First Solar

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Southern Co. subsidiary Southern Power has bought the Solar Gen 2 plant in California from First Solar Inc., and will sell the electricity from it on to San Diego Gas & Electric, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Peer pressure influences solar installations: Study

The Washington Post

Scientists in New England, in a study published in the Journal of Economic Geography, have found that people were more likely to install solar panels on their roof if they live nearby someone else who had done so, The Washington Post reports.

New job benefit: Cheaper solar installations

The New York Times

Four major corporations announced Wednesday they will offer employees discounts on buying or leasing home solar systems through Geostellar, in what's called the Solar Community Initiative program, The New York Times reports.

Chinese firm LDK Solar files for bankruptcy in US

Bloomberg Businessweek

Earlier this year LDK Solar defaulted on its bonds in China, now the maker of photovoltaic products has filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. to aid its restructuring, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.


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