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Spanish renewable energy firm in bankruptcy protection steps

MADRID (AP) — Spanish renewable energy and engineering giant Abengoa says it has begun bankruptcy protection proceedings in a bid to avoid what could be one of the country's largest insolvencies.

Abengoa told Spain's market regulator in a statement Wednesday that it will be seeking preliminary protection from creditors with the aim of reaching a deal on its debts within four months.

Solar panel fraud gets Texas firm $8.5M fine

The Associated Press

1SolTech Inc. has been slapped with an $8.5 million fine for labeling solar panels imported from China as being made in the U.S., The Associated Press reports.

Car dealers a drag on electric sales?

The New York Times

The failure of plug-in electric vehicles to really catch on with consumers may be due to dealer reluctance to sell them, The New York Times reports.

Wind supporters excited by possibilities in S.C.

The State

The Interior Department’s decision to include North Myrtle Beach in studies to determine whether wind leases should be sold off the South Carolina coast has the head of the local Chamber of Commerce excited, The State reports.

Google to buy solar power from Duke

The Associated Press

Google has agreed to buy solar power, at a premium, from Duke Energy, to support its big North Carolina server farm, The Associated Press reports.

Better batteries to beat global warming: A race against time

WASHINGTON (AP) — One of the key technologies that could help wean the globe off fossil fuel is probably at your fingertips or in your pocket right now: the battery.

If batteries can get better, cheaper and store more power safely, then electric cars and solar- or wind- powered homes become more viable — even on cloudy days or when the wind isn't blowing. These types of technological solutions will be one of the more hopeful aspects of United Nations climate talks that begin next week in Paris.

Allies in Nevada net metering fight splitting up

Las Vegas Sun

SolarCity will leave the Alliance for Solar Choice—the group that lobbies for rooftop solar in Nevada and includes fellow rooftop company Sunrun—once the state's big net metering case is decided, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

Tax credit expiration could delay parity for renewables, report warns


A Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions report concludes that renewable energy could quickly become competitive with fossil fuels in areas with abundant sun and wind, but elsewhere the expiration of tax credits could delay grid parity by a decade or more, FuelFix reports.

China, Brazil, Chile best for clean energy investment: Study


Researchers at Climatescope – looking at spending, capacity deployment and policy development – have listed China as the most attractive place in the developing world for investors to sink their money into clean energy, followed by Brazil and Chile, Bloomberg reports.

Tesla recalling all Model S sedans for seat belt issue

DETROIT (AP) — Tesla Motors is recalling its entire fleet of Model S sedans to check their front seat belts after one passenger's seat belt became disconnected.

The recall — the company's largest ever — involves 90,000 cars worldwide. Tesla sent an email Friday to affected customers.


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