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States look into green banks to limit setbacks of clean energy projects


Following the example set by New York and Connecticut, several states are looking into working with banks dedicated to financing clean energy projects in an effort to limit some of the potential financial risks associated with clean energy investment, E&E reports.

Chile: regulator lifts Bocamina I plant suspension

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Chile's environmental regulator is lifting a suspension on the Bocamina I thermoelectric plant.

The agency said Friday that the 128-megawatt coal-fired plant owned by Endesa Chile can resume operations.

The regulator had issued a temporary halt on Jan. 28 after local fishermen complained that the plant's water-cooling system polluted the ocean and hurt marine life.

Branson gets clean energy commitments in Caribbean

MOSKITO ISLAND, British Virgin Islands (AP) — British billionaire Richard Branson says several small Caribbean islands have committed to working with his renewable energy nonprofit.

Branson made the announcement on the last day of a three-day meeting of political and business leaders on his private isle in the British Virgin Islands.

The CEO and founder of the Virgin Group of companies says "it's time for governments to cut through all the red tape" and slash their dependence on fossil fuels.

Sierra Club, BlueGreen Alliance, labor groups issue green jobs report

Washington, February 7, 2014, 11:00 am

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster, labor unions hold media teleconference to unveil green jobs report and platform. 

Chinese-backed firms prepare for bidding war for Fisker patents


Chinese-backed firms Wanxiang Group and Hybrid Tech Holdings are preparing for an auction next week for the assets of bankrupt electric-car manufacturer Fisker Automotive, including its 18 patents, Bloomberg reports.

Tesla surges into top five brands in vehicle ranking


An annual Consumer Reports survey ranked electric-vehicle maker Tesla Motors Inc. as the fifth top vehicle brand among customers, up from its 11th-place ranking last year, Bloomberg reports.

Germany wind power transmission line project faces headwinds

The New York Times

The proposed 500-mile SuedLink transmission line proposal in Germany is to connect wind turbines in the north to southern users, but developers must overcome opposition along the route, The New York Times reports.

Oregon offshore wind energy farm project announced

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A Seattle company is being given the green light to develop plans to build the West Coast's first offshore wind energy farm — five floating turbines off Oregon's Coos Bay, federal and state officials said Wednesday.

The 30-megawatt pilot project was announced at a press conference by Gov. John Kitzhaber, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Director Tommy Beaudreau.

Though offshore wind farms are an expensive source of energy, proponents say they could bring clean, efficient electricity, create new jobs and stimulate the economy.

Va. Tech researchers develop glucose-powered fuel cell


Researchers at Virginia Tech University have constructed a functioning glucose-powered fuel cell that has ten times the energy storage density as lithium-ion batteries, CNET reports.

Branson hosts renewable energy summit in Caribbean

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) — Caribbean politicians and renewable power experts gathered Tuesday on British billionaire Richard Branson's private isle to discuss ways of transitioning to clean energy in an effort to spur small island nations to slash their dependence on fossil fuels and prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Branson, the CEO and founder of the Virgin Group of companies, is hosting a three-day meeting of political and business leaders at Necker Island, his home in the British Virgin Islands where he has developed an exclusive eco-resort showcasing renewable energy technology.

The event is organized by the Carbon War Room, a nonprofit company Branson co-founded to promote cutbacks in greenhouse-gas emissions through smart private enterprise. It hopes to help small islands become carbon-neutral by accelerating commercial investment. Political delegations from 13 countries and territories, including several heads of state, are attending along with representatives from dozens of companies and multinational organizations.


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