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Vermont pressed to increase renewable energy production

Vermont Public Radio

Renewable energy businesses are pressing Vermont to meet 20 percent of its energy needs by 2020 from sustainable sources, Vermont Public Radio reports.

House Natural Resources subcommittee hearing on hydropower storage

Washington, October 29, 2013, 2:00 pm

House Natural Resources Water and Power Subcommittee hearing, "A Roadmap for Increasing our Water and Hydropower Supplies: The Need for New or Expanded Multi-Purpose Surface Storage Facilities." Washington State Department of Ecology Office of Columbia River Director Derek Sandison among witnesses. 

Japanese floating wind turbine produces initial power


A floating offshore wind turbine pilot project owned by Toda Corp. started generating power off the southwestern coast of Japan today, Bloomberg reports.

Report: EV charging less a risk to grid reliability than expected


Pecan Street Research Institute found that owners of electric vehicles are less likely than expected to charge during peak demand hours, E&E reports.

Tesla: Driver in Mexico crash and fire unhurt


Tesla Motors Inc. said the driver of one of its Model S sedans that caught fire in Mexico earlier this month in a high-speed accident walked away uninjured, Bloomberg reports.

Ivanpah to provide power for 140K homes by year's end

National Journal

The Ivanpah Electric Generating Station, the world's largest solar project, is expected to power 140,000 homes in California by the end of the year, National Journal reports.

Colorado solar auction draws no bidders

Denver Business Journal

The Bureau of Land Management's first-ever public auction Thursday to develop solar energy projects on public lands drew no bidders or sealed bids for lands in Colorado, the Denver Business Journal reports.

Japan launches offshore floating wind turbines

The New York Times

A Japanese government backed-project has launched an offshore wind turbine off the coast of Fukushima as part of an effort to replace power generation lost by closed nuclear plants, The New York Times reports.

Feds won't investigate Tesla electric car fire

DETROIT (AP) — U.S. auto safety regulators have decided not to open a formal investigation into the Oct. 2 fire that damaged a Tesla electric car near Seattle.

Musk takes aim at hydrogen fuel cell vehicles


Tesla Motors Inc. CEO Elon Musk said hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles would not become a viable technology, citing high prices, limited fueling sites and pollution from producing hydrogen fuel, Bloomberg reports.


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