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Wind power growing faster than other sources of electricity in Texas

Fuel Fix

West Texas winds are powering a spurt in the share the renewable energy is contributing to the state’s electricity grid, according to Fuel Fix’s analysis of a U.S. Energy Information Administration report.

EU confirms anti-dumping duties on some Chinese solar panels


The European Commission said it would start applying anti-dumping duties on some Chinese solar panel producers that declined to set minimum prices for their exports, Platts reports.

Hitachi unveils renewable energy storage system


Hitachi revealed a new energy-storage system it says can store wind and solar power and allow owners to sell extra electricity back to the grid, Bloomberg reports.

Wind tax credit opponents hold Wind Welfare States Policy Summit

Washington, December 3, 2013, 12:00 pm

Institute for Energy Research and the American Energy Alliance forum, "Wind Welfare States Policy Summit." Opponents of an extension of the wind Production Tax Credit to speak. 

Pioneering offshore wind project faces deadlines

BOSTON (AP) — As it seeks investors, a project off the Massachusetts coast that aims to be the first U.S. offshore wind farm must reach fast-approaching benchmarks or risk missing out on hundreds of millions in critical funding, including $200 million from a Danish pension fund.


Minority of states benefit from wind tax credit, opponent argues

As the Institute for Energy Research and other free market groups begin a final push to end the federal wind Production Tax Credit, it has issued a states impact analysis saying the credit costs most states far more in tax subsidies than they get in support for wind farms. 

The IER analysis, released late Sunday, contends that 30 states and the District of Columbia last year paid more overall for the 10-year credit than their wind producers received. The analysis lays the groundwork for an event scheduled Tuesday, in which IER and other conservative and fossil fuel groups will call on lawmakers to let the credit -- 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour -- expire on Dec. 31., despite lobbying by the wind industry.

In response to a request for comment, Rob Gramlich, senior vice president for public policy at the American Wind Energy Association, challenged the premise that wind power benefits only some states. "Wind is one of the most broadly dispersed energy sources, with manufacturing in 44 states now and turbines installed in 39 states plus Puerto Rico," he said in a statement. 

Kenya halts renewable licensing in cheap energy push


Kenya will suspend licenses for new solar and wind projects until 2017 as it focuses on cheaper energy from hydropower, coal and natural gas, Bloomberg reports.

Wind PTC's fate uncertain as lawmakers stay quiet

National Journal

Lawmakers have kept quiet on any plans to extend the wind energy Production Tax Credit that is set to expire at the end of the year, leaving the credit's fate uncertain, National Journal reports.

Political battles seen hindering long-term renewable investment


Ernst & Young said political battles over renewable energy subsidy programs worldwide could limit the chances for stable, long-term investment in clean energy projects, E&E reports.

Tesla faces lobbying battle with dealers in several states


Franchised vehicle dealers have spent millions in campaign efforts to block online sales of vehicles in several states, pushing Tesla Motors Inc. to turn to lobbying methods that include vehicle test drives for lawmakers, Bloomberg reports.


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