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Siemens net profit rises 20 percent, orders up

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Industrial equipment maker Siemens AG said quarterly net profit rose 20 percent as the company moved past one-time charges for delays delivering high-speed trains.

Net profit rose to 1.46 billion euros ($2 billion) in the fourth quarter of 2013, the company's fiscal first. That was up from 1.21 billion euros a year ago.

Last year the company had 116 million euros in charges connected to delay in production of trains for Germany's railway company, and a 150 million euro loss at its solar power business. This year's figure also had stronger gains for real estate sales.

Texas energy storage company Xtreme files for bankruptcy protection

Austin American-Statesman

With debts of $10 million, the Texas energy storage company Xtreme Power Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but it intends to keep operating as it looks for a new owner, the Austin American-Statesman reports.


SolarWorld courtesy Paul G. Wiegman

Solar jobs grew 20 percent last year, industry census finds

Solar power industry employment in the U.S. grew by 20 percent last year to nearly 143,000 jobs, and companies expect to continue hiring this year, according to an annual industry census.

The majority of nearly 24,000 new jobs created last year, about two in three, were in the installation field, said Andrea Luecke, president of The Solar Foundation, a nonprofit industry group that has ties to the Energy Department.

Iowa, Minnesota both battlegrounds in fight between utilities, solar upstarts


The battle is on between solar power companies and traditional utilities in two Midwestern states, fought in the courts and before regulators, E&E reports.

US probes Camry hybrids for power brake problem

DETROIT (AP) — U.S. safety regulators are investigating complaints that power-assisted brakes can fail at times in Camry gas-electric hybrids.

The probe covers about 30,000 of the midsize cars from the 2007 and 2008 model years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has 59 complaints about intermittent loss of power-brake assist. The agency says the problem happens without warning. It causes increased stopping distances and requires more pedal pressure to stop the car.

Tesla supercharger network 'energized': Musk


Electric car maker Tesla has completed its network of supercharging stations enabling its Model S cars to travel long distances without long stops to power up, according to a tweet from company CEO Elon Musk, Bloomberg reports.

Renewables financing moving to bonds and IPOs: Citigroup


A Citigroup official predicts that increasing sales of green bonds and initial public offerings from renewable firms this year will replace the loss of government subsidies and declines in bank loans in the sector, Bloomberg reports.

Renewables dividing Republicans

The New York Times

The Republican party is splitting over renewable energy, as conservatives like Barry Goldwater Jr. side with homeowners who install rooftop solar panels against utilities who want to levy charges on them, The New York Times reports.

Environmental Defense Fund campaigning for renewables

National Journal

The Environmental Defense Fund is pressing hard to promote the use of renewable energy over fossil fuels through its Smart Power Initiative, National Journal reports.

Solar Foundation issues National Solar Jobs Census 2013

Washington, January 27, 2014, 11:00 am

The Solar Foundation releases the National Solar Jobs Census 2013. Former Colorado Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter to speak.


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