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Project delays hit FirstSolar profits


Profits for solar panel maker First Solar sank to $4.5 million in the second quarter, but CEO Jim Hughes noted in a conference call that the company’s results are affected by getting big payments unevenly and he stood by its full-year profit projections, Bloomberg reports.

Can Africa keep its economic winning streak alive?

WASHINGTON (AP) — They export BMWs and birdseed and plenty in between. Their middle class is growing fast enough to draw the likes of Marriott and Wal-Mart. China, Europe, Japan and the United States are vying to build roads and power plants there.

No longer are the nations of sub-Saharan Africa, long a symbol of war, famine and corruption, an economic basket case. Six of the world's fastest-growing economies are there. Higher oil prices, richer consumers and sounder governments have raised so much interest in Africa's economic promise that it's being showcased this week at the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington.

The question is: Can all this endure?

CSIS forum, "Solar Energy: Adoption and Marketability."

Washington, August 5, 2014, 10:00 am

Center for Strategic and International Studies forum, "Solar Energy: Adoption and Marketability." Energy Department official Elaine Ulrich among speakers.

California looks to clear obstacles to building energy storage


State regulators – the California Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission and California Independent System Operator – are working together to craft a storage “road map” that will help to clear obstacles toward adding more energy storage to get the most usage out of renewable energy sources, E&E reports.

Mikulski action could delay, kill wind farm

The Washington Post

Language inserted by Senate Appropriations Committee chair Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., into the defense appropriations bill could block the Navy from finalizing a deal with Eastern Shore wind farm developers Pioneer Green Energy until a study into turbine effects is completed, set for next summer, The Washington Post reports.

Corps agrees to monitor dam pollution

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — For the first time in its history, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will have to disclose the amount of pollutants its dams are sending into waterways in a groundbreaking legal settlement that could have broad implications for the Corps' hundreds of dams nationwide.

The Corps announced in a settlement Monday that it will immediately notify the conservation group that filed the lawsuit of any oil spills among its eight dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers in Oregon and Washington.

Sunni militants target Iraq's two biggest dams

BAGHDAD (AP) — The militants who have overrun large parts of Iraq are now battling ferociously to capture one of the country's vital resources, water.

Fighters with the Islamic State group launched a three-pronged attack over the weekend in a drive to capture Haditha Dam, in western Iraq, a complex with six power generators located alongside Iraq's second-largest reservoir. At the same time, they are fighting to capture Iraq's largest dam, Mosul Dam, in the north of the country.

Seizing the dams and the large reservoirs they hold would give the militants control over water and electricity that they could use to help build support in the territory they now rule by providing the scarce resources to residents. Or they could sell the resources as a lucrative source of revenue.

Confident Musk projects EV price parity with gas-powered vehicles


The cost of battery technology will have to come down by more than half, but Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk – speaking to investors during a week when he announced partnership with Panasonic to build a battery gigafactory --  is confident that will happen and electric vehicles will achieve price parity with those running on gasoline within 10 years, E&E reports.

Mass. lawmakers give up on solar overhaul, lift cap instead

State House News Service

A measure approved by the House in Massachusetts Thursday would increase the cap on solar production to up to 5 percent of a utility’s total generation, as well as create a task force to study net metering, but the measure is a far cry from the comprehensive overhaul of the system that some had hoped for, State House News Service reports.

Goldman’s ice system shows the promise of thermal storage


The system at Goldman Sachs N.Y. headquarters, where ice is frozen in tanks at night and used the next day in its air conditioning, is an example of how thermal storage can save money and use energy more efficiently, Bloomberg reports.


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