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Musk pitches battery storage to power industry


Tesla chief Elon Musk, alongside his technology partner JB Straubel, told utility executives this week that his company would like to see battery storage used to help power grids cope with the advent of renewable energy, E&E reports.

Musk says Model X SUV will be delivered in 3-4 months

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that the company expects to start deliveries of its new SUV, the Model X, in three or four months.

Musk also told investors at Tesla's annual meeting that the company plans to let some drivers start testing an autopilot feature at the end of this month.

California aims at energy neutral homes


By 2020, each new home in California should be generating enough energy to meet all of its own needs, according to the New Residential Zero Net Energy Action Plan announced by the state Public Utilities Commission Tuesday, KCBS reports.

Electric car study aimed at boosting their use

The Hill

An agreement between the Department of Energy and the Edison Electric Institute will produce a study on ways utilities could help boost electric car use in the U.S., The Hill reports.

Move to go private values Chinese panel maker around $489M


An offer by JA Solar Holdings Co. CEO Baofang Jin to buy up the company’s outstanding shares at $9.69 apiece would value it around $489 million, although the stock was trading below that level Friday, Reuters reports.

Solar Impulse grounded by wing damage in Japan

NBC News

The unscheduled stop in Japan for Solar Impulse – the solar plane attempting to fly around the world --  has been extended because it suffered some wing damage due to high winds on the ground in Nagoya, NBC News reports.

West coast still dominates Clean Tech index

Portland Business Journal

San Francisco, San Jose and Portland are the top three cities in the 2015 Clean Tech Leadership index -- which ranks cities and states by energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, the Portland Business Journal reports.

Solar Impulse to resume journey after Japan stop


An unscheduled stop in Japan won’t keep the sun-powered plane Solar Impulse grounded indefinitely, pilot Andre Borshchberg tweeted early Tuesday, signaling his intention to continue the plane's round-the-world journey, AFP reports.

Tesla Motors co-founder wants to electrify commercial trucks

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Twelve years ago, Ian Wright and some fellow engineers launched Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley company that has helped jumpstart the market for electric cars.

Now, the Tesla co-founder wants to electrify noisy, gas-guzzling trucks that deliver packages, haul garbage and make frequent stops on city streets.

Bad weather forces Solar Impulse to land in Japan


Solar Impulse 2, the solar plane attempting to fly around the world, has made an unscheduled stop in Nagoya, Japan because of a cold front developing over the Pacific Ocean, the BBC reports.


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