Renewable Energy

Rivals knock Toyota plans for fuel cell cars

The Wall Street Journal

Concerned about the slow take-up of electric vehicles, the CEOs of Daimler and Renault, speaking at the Paris Auto Show Friday, said the industry needs to unite around new technology, and Toyota’s push into hydrogen fuel cell power complicates the landscape too much, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Rechargeable solar battery to be cheaper, more efficient: Researchers

The Columbus Dispatch

Researchers at Ohio State University – writing in the journal Nature Communications -- claim to have developed the world’s first solar battery that’s rechargeable, and integrated directly into a solar panel, a system they say is cheaper and more efficient than technology in use thus far, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

Twin Cities airport plans solar power project

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is planning a $25.4 million solar power installation to generate nearly 20 percent of the airport's electricity.

Airport officials announced the plans Thursday with Gov. Mark Dayton. They say the installation will be the largest in the state when completed in fall 2015.

Wind towers posing danger to pilots

The New York Times

Temporary towers erected by wind energy companies to gather data pose a danger to pilots flying at low levels, like those operating crop dusters, The New York Times reports.

Twitter tease from Tesla’s Musk

The Washington Post

CEO Elon Musk used Twitter to preview an announcement that’s coming next week from Tesla Motors, although he took some ribbing on the wording of his tweet, The Washington Post reports.

NRG picks up Pure, rounding out solar home portfolio


NRG Energy’s acquisition of Pure Energies Group Inc. -- in a deal where the terms weren’t disclosed – will cut the complexity and cost of picking up new residential customers interested in solar power, the company said Thursday, E&E reports.

Maine to extend reach of efficiency programs


Moves by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to boost the energy efficiency programs aimed at large customers are aimed at saving more than 44,000 megawatt-hours of electricity annually, Platts reports.

A decade after welcoming wind, states reconsider

CALUMET, Okla. (AP) — A decade ago, states offered wind-energy developers an open-armed embrace, envisioning a bright future for an industry that would offer cheap electricity, new jobs and steady income for large landowners, especially in rural areas with few other economic prospects.

To ensure the opportunity didn't slip away, lawmakers promised little or no regulation and generous tax breaks.

More data, analysis on energy use in buildings

The Wall Street Journal

As technology advances -- with the availability of cheap sensors and a proliferation of software to help collect and analyze the data they gather -- the drive toward more energy efficiency in buildings is getting a big boost, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Solar could be top energy source by 2050: IEA


Between photovoltaic systems and concentrating solar power systems, the sun could supply more than a quarter of global energy demand in less than 35 years time, according to technology road maps put out by the International Energy Agency, E&E reports.


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