Renewable Energy

Dow agrees to wind deal to power Texas plant

Midland Daily News

A wind farm being developed by a subsidiary of Bordas Wind Energy will supply Dow Chemical’s manufacturing plant in Freeport, Texas with 200 megawatts of power per year, the Midland Daily News reports.

SolarCity to roll out microgrids

The New York Times

Longtime utility industry critic SolarCity is moving in the direction of the sector by rolling out a program to create microgrids, The New York Times reports.

Improved battery life for Tesla Model S, hints Musk


An announcement to be made at a Thursday news conference about Tesla’s Model S will end “range anxiety,” company chief Elon Musk tweeted Sunday, a hint that a software update will improve the electric sedan’s battery life, CNN reports.

Wave energy generating power in Western Australia

The Economist

Carnegie Wave Energy, based in Perth, Australia, has been improving the technology to generate energy from ocean waves, using buoys to capture power, The Economist reports.

Solar eclipse will test Germany's green power grid

BERLIN (AP) — Will next week's partial solar eclipse turn off the lights in Germany?

Experts say the country's electricity grid, which relies increasingly on renewable energy, faces a crucial test on the morning of March 20, when the moon will pass in front of the sun and block up to 82 percent of its light across Germany.

GM recalls Volts; new software fixes carbon monoxide trouble

DETROIT (AP) — General Motors Co. is recalling some Chevrolet Volt gas-electric hybrid cars to fix a problem that can cause carbon monoxide to build up in an enclosed space.

The recall covers just over 64,000 Volts from the 2011 through 2013 model years in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere.


DOE report says wind could generate 35 percent of U.S. power by 2050

A Energy Department report released Thursday said win energy could account for 35 percent of total U.S. electric generation in 2050, and be viable in all 50 states - if the industry takes the right steps.

Those steps include making improvements to technology to cut wind energy costs, developing wind energy in new locations and expanding transmission, Obama administration officials said in a conference call. They said the environmental and economic benefits from such growth would be significant.

Solar plane pilots urge India to support clean energy drive

AHMADABAD, India (AP) — The pilots of a solar-powered airplane on a historic round-the-world journey said Wednesday that they want the people of India to support their campaign for clean energy to save the global environment.

Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg spoke to reporters in the western Indian city of Ahmadabad a day after Piccard flew the single-seat plane there from Muscat, Oman.

Florida solar initiative presents challenge for conservative groups

Tampa Bay Times

The Tea Party-backed initiative in Florida that would open up the solar industry is presenting a dilemma to conservative groups like the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity, which has been criticizing solar as an energy source but stopped short of formally opposing the ballot measure, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

US, California modify area for renewable energy plants

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The state and federal governments will move forward on less than half the California desert land initially designated for renewable energy plants, officials said Tuesday, leaving millions of acres in limbo as local governments decide how they want to handle large-scale solar, wind and geothermal projects.

Regulators will initially focus on about 10 million acres of federal land overseen by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in the Mojave and other Southern California deserts. Their initial plan, unveiled in September, designated 22.5 million acres across seven counties.


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