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Wind lease sale planned in November for offshore NJ coast

The Associated Press

Calling it a “major step in standing up a sustainable offshore wind program,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell Wednesday announced a Nov. 9 sale of nearly 344,000 acres of leases in the Atlantic off the coast of New Jersey, The Associated Press reports.

California net metering cap worries San Diego solar firms

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Rooftop solar firms in San Diego are concerned that the California Public Utilities Commission won’t come up with a new tariff structure in time for them to avoid hitting the grid’s 5 percent cap on solar generating that’s in place under the current system, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

More big corporations to go all-renewable

The New York Times

Firms including Proctor & Gamble, Starbucks, Walmart and Goldman Sachs are expected to join the global RE100 coalition Wednesday and pledge to power their operations entirely through renewable energy, The New York Times reports.

Apple aims for electric cars by 2019

The Wall Street Journal

Apple hopes to build and ship electric cars by 2019, sources have told The Wall Street Journal.

Wind power faces multiple challenges in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

If wind power is to play a role in helping Pennsylvania meet obligations under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, the state will have to tackle a number of obstacles including sorting out energy tax credits and credit trading rules, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

Beyond My Ken, Wikimedia Commons.

With UN talks approaching, greens start push for stronger climate deal

As world leaders prepare to negotiate an agreement in December to slash carbon emissions enough to avert the worst consequences of climate change, environmentalists and their allies are looking to build pressure for a stronger deal than the one taking shape.

Greenpeace on Monday called for investment of about 2 percent of the world's economy in a program to eliminate the use of all fossil fuels by 2050.

Leaders of the People's Climate Movement, a coalition of U.S. environmental, social justice, and labor groups, teased plans for a multi-city rally on October 14 aimed at generating pressure for a strong deal in Paris.

Energy storage-solar power deals proliferating

The Washington Post

More deals are bringing together solar power generation and battery storage, with recent announcements coming from Hawaii and Vermont, The Washington Post reports.

Tech disruption hangs over automakers at Frankfurt show

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — A sense of impending disruption hangs over all the shiny new cars at this year's edition of the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

The potential impact of automated driving and of extensively connected cars has pushed aside electric and low-emission vehicles as the major theme in just the two years since the show was last held.

SD should expand wind power, governor says at groundbreaking

Argus Leader

At Monday’s groundbreaking ceremony for a $225 million wind energy transmission line, Gov. Dennis Daugaard, R-S.D., said energy companies, landowners and legislators should cooperate to boost similar projects in the state, the Argus Leader reports.

Toyota Mirai
AP Photo/Michael Probst

Toyota launches hydrogen-fueled sedan

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Toyota is taking the next step in its quest for carbon-free travel with the launch of the Mirai hydrogen-fueled sedan.

The Japanese brand that pioneered the hybrid gas-electric powertrain sees hydrogen cars as the end-game, following plug-in hybrids and full-electric vehicles.


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