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National Grid joins proposal for 300-mile cable in Maine

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Utility giant National Grid is partnering with a company that specializes in underwater cable projects in an alliance seeking to build a 300-mile cable to bring Canadian hydropower and Maine wind power to Greater Boston to help meet the energy needs of power-hungry southern New England, the companies announced Tuesday.

National Grid brings greater clout to the project of the Green Line Infrastructure Alliance, which includes Massachusetts-based Anbaric Transmission. Their Maine Green Line is among several projects across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that are being proposed to help lower energy costs while allowing states to meet their green energy goals, officials said.

Maine a national clean energy leader: Pew

Bangor Daily News

Setting aggressive goals, like requiring 40 percent of the state’s electricity supply to come from renewable sources, was one reason the Pew Charitable Trusts picked Maine as one of eight states to highlight in writing about its “Clean Economy Rising” initiative, the Bangor Daily News reports.

Japan pushing home fuel cell technology


Japanese manufacturers like Panasonic are looking to cut the cost of fuel cell technology to make it cheap enough to be an option for the home, Bloomberg reports.

Green light for 128 MW of Duke solar projects in NC

Duke Energy says its subsidiary Duke Energy Progress has gotten approval from the North Carolina Utilities Commission for its plans to build three solar projects that would generate 128 megawatts of electricity, Platts reports.

Walden Pond where Thoreau lived simply goes solar

CONCORD, Massachusetts (AP) — Henry David Thoreau famously wrote of "the sunshine of a winter's day," and now the simple place that inspired him the most is going solar.

Officials are breaking ground on a new visitor's center at Walden Pond State Reservation, and the $8 million complex will feature two decidedly high-tech touches: a solar canopy and a pair of electric vehicle charging stations.

Australian researchers claim more efficient solar panels


By splitting solar cells in panels, researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia claim to have increased their electricity conversion rate to 40 percent, AFP reports.

VW picks up battery stake, to get boost over Tesla

Startup QuantumScape Corp. -– believed to be working on solid-state battery technology -- has caught the attention of Volkswagen AG, which has bought a stake in the company, people familiar with the deal have told Bloomberg, which reports that the German automaker is likely trying to get a competitive edge over Tesla.

India plans 5-fold increase in clean energy

India says it is taking bold steps against climate change with plans for a five-fold increase in renewable energy capacity.

However, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said the country won't act to curb carbon emissions because it first must pursue economic growth to eradicate poverty.

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee photo

Wyden: Longer tax extenders bill faces hurdles

As the wind industry and allied senators called for the Senate to insist on its two-year tax breaks extension bill, prospects for the effort were dwindling, according to a key architect. 

After the House passed a one-year bill that extends about 50 expired breaks -- including the wind Production Tax Credit -- only through this year, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Ore., told reporters that the legislative options to get a pending two-year bill through the Senate were limited.

"I continue to talk to senators about a bipartisan bill," Wyden said, "and I will tell you it is hard to see how you get over the procedure (issues) to bring it up."

Slovakia revokes hydro plant lease deal with Enel

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Slovakia's prime minister says his government is terminating the lease of a major state-owned hydro power plant to Italian energy company Enel.

Robert Fico said Thursday that Enel had breached a contract signed in 2006. He has blamed Enel for not providing sufficient information about profits generated by the 720-megawatt Gabcikovo plant located on the Danube river and a lack of a plan for its maintenance.


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