Renewable Energy

Subsidies for new UK wind farms to end in 2016

The Wall Street Journal

Saying it has enough projects in the pipeline to fulfill renewable energy commitments, the British government is ending a program offering subsidies for new land-based wind farms in 2016, a year earlier than planned, The Wall Street Journal reports.

NRG Yield spends $285M on SoCal solar farm


NRG Energy’s yieldco spinoff is buying GE Financial Services’ 25 percent interest in the Desert Sunlight Solar Farm in California, FuelFix reports.

Record year for renewable power; but heat, transport stay fossil

STOCKHOLM (AP) — The growth of renewable energy outpaced that of fossil fuels in the electricity sector last year, with a record 135 gigawatts of capacity added from wind, solar, hydropower and other natural sources, a new study shows.

That's more than the generating capacity of all nuclear reactors in the United States and slightly less than Germany's installed capacity from all power sources.

Tribal lands could generate renewables, but BIA in the way: Report

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Native American reservations could produce much more of the country's solar and wind energy, but the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs largely has hindered energy development on tribal lands, the investigative arm of Congress has found.

The BIA often has the final say in approving documents that would clear the way for solar, wind, oil, gas and other projects on reservations, although a process is in places for tribes to take control.

Florida officials ask state’s high court to block solar initiative

Bay News 9

Florida officials, utilities and businesses, in a move spearheaded by Attorney General Pam Bondi, is asking the state supreme court to block a ballot initiative that would allow businesses with solar panels to sell off their excess power, Bay News 9 reports.

SolarCity to spend $200M on Minnesota solar gardens


The first investment in Minnesota by solar giant SolarCity will be $200 million to build 100 community solar gardens, the StarTribune reports.

Xcel Energy runs into roadblock for its ND solar plans

The Bismarck Tribune

The North Dakota Public Service Commission has unanimously rejected an application from Xcel Energy to recover from the state's ratepayers some of the cost of solar projects required to help utility meet a renewable energy mandate in neighboring Minnesota, The Bismarck Tribune reports.

Tesla to work with battery researcher

The Wall Street Journal

Tesla has signed a deal with battery researcher Jeff Dahn, hoping he will be able to help the company lower the cost of its vehicles, The Wall Street Journal reports.

ADB: Asia must boost investment in clean energy

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Asia has made huge strides in developing clean energy over the last decade but must boost investment and its use of energy efficiency technology to meet rising demand and cope with climate change, Asian Development Bank officials and other experts said Wednesday.

Renewable energy has become cheaper as technology progresses and governments must seize the chance low oil prices present to eliminate costly fuel subsidies and level the playing field for renewables, said Bindu Lohani, an ADB vice president.

White House hailing, promoting clean energy investments

The White House is to announce Tuesday that its efforts to mobilize private and philanthropic sector investment in clean energy programs have achieved double an initial goal of $2 billion, and that it plans new executive orders to assist future investment.

The Obama Administration’s Clean Energy Investment Initiative has driven more than $4 billion in commitments since it was announced in February, White House officials said, with funding coming from sources including Goldman Sachs, the Sierra Club and the California Board of Regents.


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