Renewable Energy

New hydropower technology getting tested in Wash. State

Yakima Herald-Republic

Instream Energy Systems, a Canadian company, is testing a turbine in a Washington state canal that it hopes will herald a new era in hydropower, getting electricity from moving water without the need for dams or reservoirs, the Yakima Herald-Republic reports.

Xcel, solar groups agree on Colorado incentives

DENVER (AP) — Xcel Energy and two solar industry groups have made a joint interim proposal to Colorado utility regulators on incentives that encourage customers to put panels on their roofs, they said Tuesday.

In announcing their agreement a day before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission opens hearing on Xcel's renewable-energy policy plan, they made clear the contentious issue of net metering remains unresolved.

Cape Wind scored court win last week

Boston Business Journal

The federal judge handing a legal victory to Cape Wind Friday appeared to be dismissing much of the opposition to its Nantucket Sound project, the Boston Business Journal reports.

Hawaiian Electric seeking energy storage for Oahu

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaiian Electric is seeking bidders to provide one or more large-scale energy storage systems on Oahu.

The utility says it needs energy storage because wind and solar power generation has grown dramatically. It says energy storage would help it ride through sudden fluctuations in the availability of wind and solar-generated power.

More than 11 percent of Hawaiian Electric customers have solar panels on their homes. Oahu also has several large-scale wind and solar power projects generating electricity.

NextEra’s ‘yieldco’ a sign of renewables’ strength


Investors are viewing the renewable energy industry with favor, according to analysts, who say NextEra Energy’s decision to spin off its renewables is a sign of that, E&E reports.

Judge says wind farm lawsuit belongs in Montana

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A state judge says a lawsuit over protections for eagles and other birds living adjacent to a wind farm near the Canada border should be heard in Montana.

San Diego Gas & Electric has accused the developer of the 126-turbine Rim Rock wind farm of concealing the risks the project poses to birds.

Spain-based wind power developer NaturEner says SDG&E simply wants out of an unfavorable contract to buy power credits from the project. SDG&E also wants to cancel a pledged $245 million investment.

Hydrogen fuel startup gets Toyota backing


FirstElement Fuel, a startup led by a former GM executive, is getting backing from Toyota for its plans to set up hydrogen stations in California, Bloomberg reports.

Solar plant operator takes issue with fed report on bird deaths

The Atlantic

A spokesman for NRG, the operator of the Ivanpah solar thermal power plant in California, says it’s premature for scientists with the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory to call the facility a death trap for birds, The Atlantic reports.

Mars-Sumitomo partnership on Texas wind farm


Mars Inc. is making an investment to get renewable energy credits for offset, partnering with Sumitomo Corporation on the 200-megawatt “Mesquite Creek Wind” farm in Texas, Bloomberg reports.

One man works to get Calif. town off grid

The New York Times

Gerald Freeman’s dream of running a community completely off of its own energy sources seems increasingly within reach given modern technology, The New York Times reports.


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