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Pioneer unit gives up on Chesapeake wind farm

The Delmarva Daily Times

Language in a defense appropriations measure introduced last August by Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., was one obstacle cited by a subsidiary of Pioneer Green Energy as it announced it was putting plans on hold for a wind farm in the Chesapeake Bay area, The Delmarva Daily Times reports.

Virginia moving ahead with offshore wind

Daily Press

An agreement Virginia has reached with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will permit Dominion Virginia Power to install two test turbines on the Outer Continental Shelf, the Daily Press reports.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photo

California sets new mark, generates more than 5 percent of electricity from solar

Driven by strong renewable policies and new projects coming online, California has become the first state to exceed 5 percent electric generation from utility-grade solar projects and now produces more solar energy than all other states combined, according to the federal government’s energy statistics agency.

According to Energy Information Agency data released Tuesday in its Electric Power Monthly report, California's utility-grade solar generated 9.9 million megawatt hours of electricity in 2014, up from 3.8 megawatt hours in the previous year.

Home sales, leased solar panels don’t always mix

Los Angeles Times

Some homeowners have found they needed to make an expensive buyout of the leased solar panels on their roofs in order to sell their homes, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Officials worry about limits on wind development in SoCal plan

The Desert Sun

Some officials in and around Palm Springs are concerned that conservation areas mapped out in the comprehensive renewable energy plan for the region may create obstacles to wind projects in their communities, The Desert Sun reports.

California first to feel hydro-power crunch of drought

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Flying over the Sierra Nevada as California entered its fourth year of drought, the state's energy chief looked down and saw stark bare granite cloaked in dirty brown haze — not the usual pristine white peaks heaped with snow that would run the state's hydroelectric dams for the year.

Spring is arriving with the Pacific Northwest measuring near record-low-snowfall, and much of the rest of the West below average. But what California is experiencing is historically low snowpack — a meager accumulation that has serious implications not only for the state but potentially for the entire West if the drought not just of water, but of snow, persists.

Tesla updating Model S to ease range anxiety, improve safety

DETROIT (AP) — Tesla Motors is updating its Model S electric car to help ease drivers' worries about running out of battery charge — and is hinting that in the future drivers can take their hands off the wheel altogether.

Tesla's latest update — which will be beamed to owners automatically in about 10 days — will map out the best route to a driver's destination based on the location of charging stations and will guide the car to available spots to charge.

Solar-powered plane lands in Myanmar

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — A solar-powered plane landed in Myanmar on Thursday night, the fourth country on a round-the-world trip aimed at highlighting clean energy.

Dozens of trees had to be cleared ahead of the Solar Impulse 2's arrival at the Mandalay International Airport for its giant mobile hangar and exhibition tent, said Taik Aung, the country's director of air navigation and safety division. Towering shrubs along the runway also needed to be trimmed to accommodate the plane's 72-meter wing span, said Corinne Henchoz Pignani, of the Swiss Embassy in Yangon.

Solar plane leaves India for next stop in Myanmar

NEW DELHI (AP) — A solar-powered airplane on a historic round-the-world journey took off Thursday from the northern Indian town of Varanasi and was headed for its next stop in Myanmar.

Swiss pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg are taking turns flying the aircraft as they attempt to circumnavigate the globe on the journey that was expected to take five months.

China boosts fleet of electric, hybrid vehicles

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese authorities have announced plans to boost the number of electric, hybrid and other alternative fuel-powered vehicles used for public transportation, while sales of such cars for private use have spiked in recent months.

The Transport Ministry announced Wednesday that officials aimed to add 200,000 buses and 100,000 taxis powered by alternative fuels by 2020. Last year, the country added 15,000 alternative fuel-powered buses to its roads.


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