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NY awards $28.6 million for solar projects

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The state's NY-Sun initiative has awarded $28.6 million to 37 projects across the state, including 29 photovoltaic projects that will add 33.6 megawatts of solar power generation capacity.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says that under the NY-Sun initiative, a total of 299 megawatts of solar photovoltaic capacity has been installed or is under development in the past two years.

Awards are available for a growing number of projects because of the steady decline in solar costs in the past two years, which allows project incentive amounts to be reduced.

Vermont city's goal: 'Net zero' fossil fuel use

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — With the launch of a wood-fueled downtown district heating system still six months away, officials in Vermont's capital city on Monday set the goal of making Montpelier a "net-zero" user of fossil fuels by 2030.

More electric vehicle charging stations and a campaign to have homeowners install new high-efficiency heat pumps are among the steps the city will take in conjunction with the statewide group Efficiency Vermont and the state's largest utility, Green Mountain Power Corp., in pursuit of the goal, officials said.

Fuel cell manufacturers see stock boost ahead of earning reports


FuelCell Energy, Plug Power Inc. and Ballard Power, all manufacturers of fuel cells, posted significant gains on the Nasdaq today ahead of earnings reports expected to show the companies on the way to profitability, Bloomberg reports.

Offshore Oregon becomes hot spot for green energy sites

The Wall Street Journal

Renewable energy companies are increasing their interest in wind and wave energy projects off the coast of Oregon, but it's uncertain how much environmentalist resistance and regulatory processes will affect the trend, The Wall Street Journal reports.

China allows first corporate bond default: Chaori Solar

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese authorities allowed the country's first corporate bond default on Friday, inflicting losses on small investors in a painful step toward making its financial system more market-oriented.

Investors in bonds sold in 2012 by Chaori Solar Energy Science & Technology Co., a manufacturer of solar panels, were paid as little as 3 percent of the interest that was due Friday, according to two bondholders, one of whom said he put his parents' savings into the bonds. The company warned earlier this week it had only 4 million yuan ($660,000) and faced an interest payment of 90 million yuan ($15 million).

Illinois commended for local renewable energy buys

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois has more cities providing 100 percent renewable energy than any other state, which has reduced pollution by the equivalent of removing a million cars from the road over the past few years, according to a report released Friday by national and state environmental groups.

A 2009 state law allowed communities to buy their own electricity, rather than relying on a central purchasing agency. Since then, more than 600 Illinois cities and towns have adopted aggregation, which allows them to bundle residential and small business customers to buy cheaper electricity in bulk from smaller suppliers.

Of those, 91 are providing 100 percent renewable energy, either by buying it directly or buying credits that help fund renewable energy development, the report says.

Chaori Solar becomes China's 1st domestic default case

The Wall Street Journal

Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Science & Technology Co. has missed interest payments on a bond, becoming China's first domestic default case, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Liquid metal batteries could solve solar's biggest challenge


A startup founded by MIT graduates may have found a way to store energy from renewables for less than $500 a kilowatt-hour: using liquid metal batteries, Bloomberg reports.

Moniz sees solar-battery combo as an energy sector game-changer


Never mind the shale boom, the rapidly developing technology surrounding solar panels and batteries has the power to transform the U.S. economy, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz told Bloomberg at the CERAWeek conference in Houston.

Fuel cell technology attracts interest on Wall Street


Shares in Fuel Cell Energy Inc. surged to a 4-year high, based on attention to fuel cell makers since Wal-Mart decided to use the technology in its warehouse forklifts, Reuters reports.


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