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LED there be light: 3 share Nobel for blue diode

STOCKHOLM (AP) — An invention that promises to revolutionize the way the world lights its homes and offices — and already helps create the glowing screens of mobile phones, computers and TVs— earned a Nobel Prize on Tuesday for two Japanese scientists and a Japanese-born American.

By inventing a new kind of light-emitting diode, or LED, they overcame a crucial roadblock for creating white light far more efficiently than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Now LEDs are pervasive and experts say their use will only grow.

American, 2 Japanese win physics Nobel Prize, for lighting

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano of Japan and U.S. scientist Shuji Nakamura have won the Nobel Prize in physics for the invention of blue light-emitting diodes — a new energy efficient and environment-friendly light source.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences says the invention is just 20 years old, "but it has already contributed to create white light in an entirely new manner to the benefit of us all."

Sizeable investment in battery gigafactory from Panasonic

The Wall Street Journal

Panasonic CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga told reporters Tuesday that his company plans an initial investment in Tesla’s battery gigafactory that runs to tens of billions of yen, the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Jewell addresses AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER Conference

Atlantic City, October 7, 2014, 9:15 am

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell delivers keynote address at AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2014 conference. BOEM Acting Director Walter Cruickshank also to attend. Conference continues Wednesday.

Tesla announcement involves automated driving, sources tell Bloomberg


The coming announcement from Tesla Motors that CEO Elon Musk previewed on Twitter last week involves adding automated driving features to its cars, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.

Meetings, months of public comment for Calif. renewable energy plan

The Press Enterprise

The land use plan for the California desert announced by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, which balances renewable energy proposals with conservation measures and runs to some 8,000 pages, will be the subject of discussion at ten public hearings in the coming weeks, while the public comment period on the proposal runs into January, The Press Enterprise reports.

Comey: Chinese hackers like a 'drunk burglar'

WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director James Comey compared Chinese hackers to a "drunk burglar" who steals with reckless abandon, even as they cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars every year.

In an interview broadcast Sunday on CBS' "60 Minutes," Comey said Chinese hackers target the intellectual property of U.S. companies in China every day.

Rivals knock Toyota plans for fuel cell cars

The Wall Street Journal

Concerned about the slow take-up of electric vehicles, the CEOs of Daimler and Renault, speaking at the Paris Auto Show Friday, said the industry needs to unite around new technology, and Toyota’s push into hydrogen fuel cell power complicates the landscape too much, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Rechargeable solar battery to be cheaper, more efficient: Researchers

The Columbus Dispatch

Researchers at Ohio State University – writing in the journal Nature Communications -- claim to have developed the world’s first solar battery that’s rechargeable, and integrated directly into a solar panel, a system they say is cheaper and more efficient than technology in use thus far, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

Twin Cities airport plans solar power project

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is planning a $25.4 million solar power installation to generate nearly 20 percent of the airport's electricity.

Airport officials announced the plans Thursday with Gov. Mark Dayton. They say the installation will be the largest in the state when completed in fall 2015.


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