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Tech companies face rocky road on the way to making cars

NEW YORK (AP) — Silicon Valley may think it can build a better car. But should it?

As tech giants like Google and Apple look to automobiles as the next frontier for innovation, they face a looming reality: Cars are a lot harder to manufacture and sell than smartphones.

Businesses, governments fuel growth in wind generation


An American Wind Energy Association report says major commitments from corporations like Amazon and Hewlett Packard have helped add 3,596 megawatts of wind capacity to the grid in the first nine months of the year, nearly triple the figure from a year ago, Bloomberg reports.

New record racked up by wind power in Texas


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas says it used 12,237.6 megawatts of wind power – 37 percent of total demand -- at 12:30 a.m. Thursday, beating the record set in September, FuelFix reports.

South Jersey county moving on alternative energy projects

Press of Atlantic City

Alternative energy projects planned for a landfill in Cumberland County, New Jersey include a plant to generate energy from food waste, the Press of Atlantic City reports.

Dyson getting into the battery business

USA Today

Vacuum cleaner maker Dyson has acquired University of Michigan-based startup Sakti3 and plans to construct a battery production plant, potentially positioning it to compete with Tesla and Panasonic in the electric car battery market , USA Today reports.

Mexico to boost wind power


Mexico has set the goal of installing enough turbines to bring the country's wind capacity up to 10 gigawatts in the next three years, adding a total of 22 gigawatts over 25 years, Bloomberg reports.

Battle over solar charges heating up in California

San Jose Mercury News

Solar supporters are fighting proposed changes in California solar energy regulations that they say would decrease the benefits for new customers who provide power back to the grid, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Cheaper natural gas discouraging wind farms in Indiana


Indiana’s State Utility Forecasting Group says only two wind farms have been commissioned in the state in the past four years, noting that cheaper natural gas has made it hard for the projects to remain competitive in the energy market, Platts reports.

Google buying into Vestas wind project in Kenya

The Washington Post

Google will buy Vestas' 12.5 percent stake in the huge Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Kenya once it comes online in 2017, The Washington Post reports.

Alaskan Arctic village hopes battery storage will boost its wind power


Kotzebue, Alaska was getting power amounting to 20 percent of its average electricity demand from a wind farm last year, and now hopes to boost its effectiveness by adding battery storage to the village microgrid, E&E reports.


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