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China considering cut to solar, wind electricity price


A government official told Reuters that China is considering cutting the price grid operators pay for wind and solar-generated electricity to reflect declining operating costs for the power sources.

Panel rejects ban on air shipments of fire-prone batteries

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.N. aviation panel Wednesday rejected a ban on rechargeable battery shipments on passenger airliners, despite evidence they can cause explosions and unstoppable, in-flight fires, aviation officials told The Associated Press.

The International Civil Aviation Organization panel on dangerous goods voted 10 to 7 against a ban, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak about the vote publicly.

Unexpected Q3 profit for SunPower


SunPower Corp., the nation's second largest solar panel producer, posted an unexpected third quarter profit, with company shares 15 cents higher than analysts projected, Reuters reports.

Dong Energy plans world's biggest wind farm in Irish waters


Danish company Dong Energy is planning a 660-megawatt offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea, a project that would be the world's largest and could power half a million homes, Bloomberg reports.

LG to supply new battery for old Tesla

The Wall Street Journal

Korean firm LG Chem Ltd. is making a battery that Tesla Motors is using in $29,000 upgrades to its discontinued Roadster cars, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Green self-driving cars take center stage at Tokyo auto show

TOKYO (AP) — Visions of cars that drive themselves without emitting a bit of pollution while entertaining passengers with online movies and social media are what's taking center stage at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Japan, home to the world's top-selling automaker, has a younger generation disinterested in owning or driving cars. The show is about wooing them back. It's also about pushing an ambitious government-backed plan that paints Japan as a leader in automated driving technology.

Dallas tops EPA list of green-powered cities


The City of Dallas now uses more green energy than any other local government in the country, according to the latest rankings from the Environmental Protection Agency, which put Houston in second place and the District of Columbia in third, FuelFix reports.

More Nebraska farmers turning to solar panels and solar power

Lincoln Journal Star

Money-saving and carbon-saving solar panels are proving attractive for some Nebraska farmers, the Lincoln Journal Star reports.

NY’s Cuomo gambling on solar panels and SolarCity

The New York Times

Pushed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York state is spending up to $750 million to build a solar panel factory in Buffalo that will be operated by Elon Musk’s SolarCity, The New York Times reports.

Vionx Energy succeeding in the battery storage business

The New York Times

More firms like Vionx Energy, presently working with United Technologies, appear to be learning from past failures and succeeding suddenly with energy storage and battery systems, The New York Times reports.


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