Renewable Energy

Islands in Maine, Denmark in renewable energy vanguard

The New York Times

Islands, which are often reliant on expensive imported fuel sources for their electricity, are looking to innovate with renewable energy to solve their power problems, and some Maine residents recently visited Denmark to visit an offshore wind farm and see what ideas their counterparts have come up with across the Atlantic, The New York Times reports.

Solar jobs soaring, says report


The latest job census from the Solar Foundation says 174,000 people were working in the solar industry at the end of 2014, an increase of 31,000, or 22 percent, from the year before, and the group says hiring should jump even more this year, Bloomberg reports.

Clean Line gets OK from Tennessee regulators

Chatanooga Times Free Press

The Tennessee Regulatory Authority has granted approval to extend a transmission line to bring Oklahoma wind power as far as Memphis, Clean Line Energy Partners told the Chattanooga Times Free Press, adding that the project, among other things, still needs an approval from the Department of Energy for joint work with the Southwestern Power Administration.

Wind energy beats drilling offshore in Atlantic: Oceana

Daily Press

Offshore wind energy in the Atlantic offers the potential to generate twice as much energy and twice as many jobs as offshore drilling, says a report from the conservation group Oceana, according to the Daily Press in Virginia.

Tesla chief expects electric car company profit in 2020

DETROIT (AP) — The head of electric car maker Tesla Motors says the company should turn a profit in five years after it brings a lower-cost car to market.

CEO Elon Musk, speaking Tuesday at an automotive conference, said Tesla needs to show a profit, and will when it's selling 500,000 cars per year. He predicted that sales milestone will be reached in 2020, when its lower-cost car — the Model 3 — is in full production.

Official unveiling for Honda FCV in Detroit

Los Angeles Times

As expected, Honda has unveiled its FCV concept car at the auto show in Detroit, pledging to start selling the hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle in the U.S. next year, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Chapter 11 filing for U.S. unit of China’s Suntech


Suntech America Inc., the U.S. unit of Chinese solar panel maker Suntech Power, followed its parent in seeking bankruptcy protection Monday, listing more than $100 million in assets and in debts in Chapter 11 filings in court in Delaware, Bloomberg reports.

Local Motors brings a 3-D printed car to Detroit auto show

DETROIT (AP) — A 3-D printed car could be in your driveway sooner than you think.

Phoenix-based Local Motors plans to sell a 3-D printed car called the Strati later this year. It's a two-seat neighborhood car that can go up to 25 miles per hour.

Prospect of Chinese cars in US still remain years away

DETROIT (AP) — Another Chinese automaker is showing vehicles this year at the auto show in Detroit, raising the perennial question about when these companies might sell in the United States.

The answer: Years from now, according to carmakers and industry observers alike.

GM's new electric could upstage Tesla _ and its own Volt

DETROIT (AP) — With the introduction of an affordable electric car that can go 200 miles on a single charge, General Motors sets up a showdown with Tesla to sell an electric vehicle to the masses. It may also upstage a car of its own.

GM on Monday unveiled the Chevrolet Bolt, a $30,000 concept car that will probably go on sale in about two years. The range will make it attractive to many buyers who would not consider a fully electric car for fear of running out of juice. The rollout of the orange compact hatchback eclipsed GM's unveiling of a revamped Chevy Volt at the Detroit auto show.


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