Tighter waste control in Pennsylvania’s new drilling rules


New draft regulations governing oil and gas drilling in Pennsylvania ban the use of temporary waste storage pits and require drillers to improve or shut wastewater impoundment ponds, NPR’s StateImpact Pennsylvania reports.

Supreme Court allows revisions of interpretive rules without public comment


Federal agencies may revised their "interpretive rules" without soliciting public comment, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday, E&E reports.

Supreme Court mulls review of Army Corps water action


The U.S. Supreme Court is considering taking a case involving the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' decision  to give Clean Water Act protections to a Louisiana property, E&E reports.

EPA Photo

McCarthy confronts McConnell call for Clean Power Plan boycott

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy on Wednesday pushed back against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's op-ed piece urging states not to file plans to comply with the Clean Power Plan, once it is finalized.

She told the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee at a budget hearing that she hopes the states will submit plans to cut carbon emissions from power plants, but if they don't, "there will be a federal system in place to allow us to move forward.”

White House threatens veto for pair of EPA science bills

The White House on Tuesday issued veto threats against a pair of bills that it said would put limits on the scientific research the Environmental Protection Agency could use in writing new regulations, and who it could select to serve on its panel of scientific advisers.

The Office of Management and Budget issued two statements of administration policy opposing both the Secret Science Reform Act and the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act, arguing they would impede the agency’s ability to use scientific research in its rulemaking.

Beekeepers challenging EPA in court over pesticide labels


A lawsuit by beekeepers charging that the Environmental Protection Agency failed to use pesticide label regulations to protect the bee population, will be heard by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in April, E&E reports.

NY moving to separate utilities and renewables


The plan laid out by New York regulators – called Reforming the Energy Vision – would restrict the ability of traditional utilities to own renewable assets, to encourage competition, E&E reports.

Wolf set to unveil new Pennsylvania drilling rules

The Associated Press

The administration of Pennsylvania’s new Democratic governor, Tom Wolf, is set to release plans to update drilling rules to address concerns about the health and environmental impact of natural gas drilling, The Associated Press reports.

Interior Department photo

Obama environment team set to continue Hill budget marathon

The confrontation over the Obama administration's energy and environment policies enters week two as top Obama administration officials. including Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy. face off against Senate Republicans over their departments' budget requests.

The four sitting commissioners of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission also are set to testify on the NRC’s proposed 2016 budget.

California lawmakers to probe PUC

Los Angeles Times

The California state senate has announced it will hold three days of public hearings to examine the operations of the Public Utilities Commission, already in the spotlight for its closeness with the companies it regulates, the Los Angeles Times reports.


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