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LCV takes on Chamber over 'desperate' attack on Obama climate plan

A top environmental group is hitting out in defense of President Barack Obama's move to cut carbon from existing power plants, running $250,000 worth of television ads in four cities. The ads attack a critical economic impact study issued by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce before the plan was revealed.

Gene Karpinski, president of the League of Conservation Voters, said the ads target what he called the chamber's "incredibly false report" about the potential impacts of carbon limits on power plants, which came out days before the rule was proposed in June by the Environmental Protection Agency.

A spokesman for the chamber shot back late Thursday, however, accusing the league of taking its study out of context.


Officials require more supports beneath Straits oil pipes

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Two oil pipelines at the bottom of the waterway linking Lakes Huron and Michigan will get additional support structures to help prevent potentially devastating spills, officials said Thursday.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and Dan Wyant, director of the Department of Environmental Quality, said they had put Enbridge Energy Partners LP on notice following the company's acknowledgement it was partly out of compliance with an agreement dating to 1953, when the pipelines were laid in the Straits of Mackinac.

EPA: 300,000 comments received so far on carbon rule

The Hill

The Environmental Protection Agency, ahead of four public hearings set for next week on its proposed rule to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants, says it has already received 300,000 comments on the regulation, The Hill reports.

Creedon gets Senate confirmation to NNSA

National Journal

Madelyn Creedon, formerly assistant secretary of Defense, has received Senate confirmation to become the principal deputy administrator in the Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration, the number two post in the NNSA, National Journal reports.

GOP attacks McCarthy on claims NRDC crafted carbon rule


In an Environment and Public Works Committee hearing Wednesday, Republican Sens. John Barrasso of Wyoming and David Vitter of Louisiana criticized Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy over charges that the Natural Resources Defense Council was the driving force behind the EPA’s rule limiting carbon emissions from existing power plants, but McCarthy replied that was a “discredit” to the hard work of her staff, E&E reports.


Stopping deadly oil train fires: New rules planned

WASHINGTON (AP) — Responding to a series of fiery train crashes, the government proposed rules Wednesday that would phase out tens of thousands of older tank cars that carry increasing quantities of crude oil and other highly flammable liquids through America's towns and cities.

But many details were put off until later as regulators struggle to balance safety against the economic benefits of a fracking boom that has sharply increased U.S. oil production. Among the issues: What type of tank cars will replace those being phased out, how fast will they be allowed to travel and what kind of braking systems will they need?

House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on modernizing environmental regulations

Washington, July 23, 2014, 10:00 am

House Energy and Commerce Environment and the Economy Subcommittee hearing, "Modernizing the Business of Environmental Regulation and Protection." State and expert witnesses.

Business groups vow court challenge of EPA carbon plan

Manufacturing, refiner and business executives on Tuesday called on the Obama administration to pull back its proposed carbon regulations on existing power plants, which they've threatened to oppose in court.

"We're all going to tell the EPA that this regulation is simply not workable," during the agency's planned public listening sessions next week, said Jay Timmons, president of the National Association of Manufacturers.

O’Malia quits CFTC, effective early August


In an abrupt move, Scott O’Malia, a Republican on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, has tendered his resignation to President Obama effective Aug. 8, after spending more than four years as a CFTC regulator, Platts reports.

Speculation mounting around who McCarthy will pick to be EPA deputy


The replacement for the departing Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe at EPA could come from the ranks of the agency’s regional administrators, according to E&E, with enforcement chief Cynthia Giles another possibility.


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