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New NY grid rules to be in place next year: Zibelman

The Washington Post

New rules governing New York’s electric grid, which will encourage small-scale production, should be in place by next year, state Public Service Commission chief Audrey Zibelman told The Washington Post.

Green Mountain Power going big on batteries

The Associated Press

Elon Musk’s Powerwall batteries have attracted the interest of Green Mountain Power Corp. in Vermont, where CEO Mary Powell sees them as the key element in the transition to a more community-driven model in the power market, The Associated Press reports.

California ISO widens electricity market


Companies would be allowed to collect energy generated from scattered sources – including rooftop solar panels and plug-in electric vehicles – and bundle it together for resale on the wholesale market, under new rules approved by the California Independent System Operator, Bloomberg reports.

Office of Sen. Debbie Stabenow

Democrats charge GOP with undercutting cybersecurity in DOE funding bill

Senate Republicans’ bill to fund the Energy Department severely undercuts cybersecurity efforts for the grid, Democrats charged on Wednesday, saying the budget framework would put the nation’s energy infrastructure at risk for cyberattacks.

On a call with reporters, Sens. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., and Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., said the $35.4 billion bill, advanced with bipartisan support by the Senate Appropriations Committee, offered inadequate funding for both cybersecurity and power grid upgrade programs.

Protecting the grid from solar storms while debating its evolution

The resilience and flexibility of the nation's power grid took center stage in Washington Thursday, as officials sought to strengthen the current energy infrastructure and set groundrules for its evolution in the face of advanced technologies.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposed new standards to better protect the grid from the impact of solar storms, while the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee began pondering rules for upgrading the grid to handle distributed generation, battery storage and other new technologies. 

Chattanooga utility to provide insights into use of big data to make the grid smarter


The city-owned utility in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is teaming up with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to look at how big data can make the power grid smarter, E&E reports.

Grid improvements could help achieve carbon plan goals


Technology improvements that reduce line losses – electricity that’s lost in transmission – could make it easier for states to reach goals set in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, E&E reports.

Experts: Grid investment could boost jobs and renewables


Experts attending a utilities conference in Washington last week urged investment to modernize the nation’s grid and better integrate renewable energy, arguing it would help create jobs, Forbes reports.

Zibelman leading the charge to modernize NY’s grid


From her position as chair of the New York Public Service Commission, Audrey Zibelman is pushing to make the electric grid more resilient by incorporating distributed generation, energy storage technologies and other innovation, E&E reports.

Irish energy storage plant to offer new grid solution

The Guardian

An energy storage plant to be built in Ireland will use a flywheel and turbines to store excess power from the grid and then release it back again when needed, The Guardian reports.


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