McConnell has pledged Senate changes if he and GOP win


Minority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has promised to bring to the chamber more debate, a free and open amendment process and more power to committees if he wins his tough re-election battle and the GOP picks up a majority to take control, E&E reports.

Sour mood rippling across country on Election Day

It's only fitting: Check in with voters at Our Mother of Sorrows church in Louisville, Kentucky, to get a sense of the sour mood rippling across the country this Election Day.

Seventy-four-year-old Jim Brinley, casting his ballot for Republicans, thinks an over-reaching government is "ruining us" and wants to "get back to government as it should be."

Democrat Keisha Matlock, a 38-year-old college student, wonders aloud, "Why do we even vote?" as she casts her ballot for Democrats.

Biden: Democrats lose seats, hold Senate majority

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden predicts Democrats will lose seats in the Senate but retain a 52-48 majority.

He says he foresees Democratic victories in closely contested races in Alaska, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Georgia and a runoff election in Louisiana.

Tribal election in North Dakota focuses on Bakken drilling


Balloting to determine who will be the new chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, which covers about a third of North Dakota’s Bakken Shale, will likely have an impact on drilling in the region, E&E reports.

Key Senate races affected by energy, environment points


In Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky and Louisiana, energy and environment issues have had an impact in races that could affect the makeup of the Senate over the next two years, Reuters reports.

Senate control is top prize in midterm election

WASHINGTON (AP) — Public campaigning has given way to the privacy of the voting booth Tuesday, with control of the Senate, the makeup of the House and three dozen governorships at stake.

President Barack Obama, his approval ratings low, was not on the ballot midway through his second term. But even he said his policies were, and Republicans rushed to agree.

Energyguardian photo

Analysis: Two more years of gridlock?

The last two years on Capitol Hill have been all about winning Tuesday's mid-term Senate elections, with each party maneuvering to make sure the other doesn't claim any victories.

If Republicans live up to widely held expectations that they will win a majority in the Senate, there's little reason to expect any cease-fire with both sides gunning for the 2016  presidential election.

Senate races hot on accusations, light on ideas

WASHINGTON (AP) — This year's Senate races have featured astronomical spending, ceaseless attack ads and innumerable slaps at a president who's not on the ballot. Largely missing, however, are ideas on how best to govern the nation.

Even with control of the Senate at stake, serious discussions about deficit spending, climate change, immigration, Social Security's long-term future and other knotty issues rarely emerged.

GOP Senate could see Inhofe gunning for Obama environment agenda


If Republicans win control of the Senate in Tuesday’s elections, oil industry champion and climate change arch-skeptic Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., will likely chair the Environment and Public Works Committee, morphing the panel from a protector of Obama administration policies to “a battering ram” against them, E&E reports.

Nebraska voters hold fate of Keystone judge

Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska Judge Stephanie Lacey -- who declared the law used to determine the routing for the Keystone XL pipeline was unconstitutional -– is among a number of figures on the bench who are getting their fate determined in a retention vote Tuesday, the Omaha World-Herald reports.


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