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EPA-Chamber of Commerce blog battle flares

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Environmental Protection Agency are trading shots, again.

EPA in May first accused the Chamber of publishing a misleading study on the costs of carbon regulations before they were proposed -- a jab that Chamber officials rejected.

Then on Wednesday, their feud was renewed when an agency official accused the Chamber of being way off base in a Tuesday blog post about a mixed review by the Government Accountability Office of EPA's regulatory job impact analyses. As before, the Chamber isn't backing down.

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Oil industry makes new pitch to Interior for offshore access

Eleven oil and gas groups on Wednesday called on the Interior Department to heed their calls for new coastal areas to be leased for drilling starting in 2017.

In comments to the department on its upcoming five-year lease plan, the American Petroleum Institute, America's Natural Gas Alliance and the Independent Petroleum Association of America, among others, said all Outer Continental Shelf areas with significant resources should be made available.

Kurdish forces say they urgently need more weapons

MAKHMOUR, Iraq (AP) — The Kurdish commander stared down a road shimmering in the heat, then gestured to where the Islamic militants were deployed, plotting their next advance on this dusty Iraqi frontier town.

There was very little his Kurdish fighters could do about it. "They have better weapons," Lt. Col. Saadi Soruchi said of the insurgents. "American weapons."

The Kurdish forces trying to defend frontline towns like Makhmour in their autonomous region of northern Iraq have felt the brunt of the Islamic extremist fighters' attacks and know how ferocious they are. The militants are bristling with American weapons and armored Humvees looted from Iraqi arsenals, giving them a powerful edge.

EPA’s Trovato moved the agency to act on children’s health

The Washington Post

In her years with the Environmental Protection Agency, Ramona Trovato, currently wearing two assistant administrator hats, has pushed the EPA to recognize the effects of pollution on children and helped it become better prepared to cope with potential fallout from attacks that might have a chemical, biological or radiation footprint, The Washington Post reports.

Carter lashes out at climate skeptics

The Aspen Times

The U.S. is lagging behind other countries in gearing up to confront global warming, former President Jimmy Carter told a Renewable Energy Day luncheon Tuesday, blaming “nutcases” who don’t believe in the phenomenon, The Aspen Times reports.

Heartland plan to axe EPA in DC part of govt-slashing tradition

National Journal

The proposal made by the Heartland Institute this week – to cut 15,000 jobs from the Environmental Protection Agency and move it to Kansas – is part of a time-honored tradition of government pruning suggestions, which, over the years, have targeted the Energy Department and the Department of the Interior, among others, National Journal reports.

Senate Dems' campaign arms starts $9M ad buy in NC

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Republican Senate hopeful Thom Tillis cut $500 million from education budgets while giving tax breaks to his rich friends, the campaign arm for Senate Democrats said Wednesday, in the first piece of a $9.1 million ad campaign set to stay on the airwaves through November's elections.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's efforts to help endangered first-term incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan center on Tillis' tenure as speaker of the state House. Democrats have spent months combing through Tillis' voting record and now are starting an ad blitz to tell voters about the conservative GOP caucus he led in Raleigh.

But Democrats' criticism is not entirely accurate, and Tillis' campaign called the ads "shamelessly false."

Kellogg wants suppliers to report carbon emissions

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Kellogg said Wednesday it will step up efforts to reduce planet-warming emissions in its supply chain as part of a broader initiative designed to be more environmentally friendly.

Under the plan, the Battle Creek-based food products manufacturer will require key suppliers such as farms and mills to measure and publicly disclose their greenhouse gas outputs and targets for reducing them. The company said it will report annually on those emissions and include climate and deforestation policies in the company's code of conduct for suppliers.

Palin staying away from Alaska oil tax fight

The Wall Street Journal

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has had little involvement in the referendum fight to restore the oil tax structure her successor dismantled, despite pleas from Democrats that she weigh in, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Smokey to carry on despite debate over message


There may be discussion of exactly what Smokey the Bear’s message should be in an age where forest policy is changing, but the iconic figure itself will carry on, 70 years after his first fire message was aimed at instilling a sense of responsibility in Americans, E&E reports.


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