Big challenge to grow California-Quebec carbon market


The wide reach of the California-Quebec carbon market – which regulates everything from power plants to refineries to factories -- may make it a challenge to attract new partners into the system, analysts tell Bloomberg.

New EPA water rule aimed at dentists and mercury

The Hill

A rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency would require some dentists to use amalgam separators in their offices to remove mercury, which is used in fillings, before any wastewater is disposed of, The Hill reports.

GOP coal bill carries $97M price tag, CBO says

The Hill

A bill introduced by Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., to protect the coal industry by putting restrictions on Environmental Protection Agency water regulation would cost $97 million because it would make EPA’s reviews more expensive, according to an analysis released Thursday by the Congressional Budget Office, The Hill reports.

Florida utilities slam EPA carbon rule


Florida utilities find the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants to be “unreasonably burdensome,” said Duke Energy Florida, one of a number of companies whose opinions appear in a list of documents compiled by the Florida Public Service Commission, E&E reports.

Proposal: Media needs permit to film in wilderness

SEATTLE (AP) — The U.S. Forest Service said Thursday it is extending the period for the public to weigh in on a proposal that would make permanent new rules on commercial video and photography in the nation's wildest areas.

Under the plan, the agency said it would consider the nature of a proposed project before approving a special-use permit and charge fees of up to $1,500 for commercial filming and photography in federally designated wilderness areas.

Expanded US ocean preserve to be world's largest

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands of miles off America's shores, an ocean preserve flush with rare seabirds, turtles and marine mammals will grow to roughly three times the size of California under a memorandum that President Barack Obama signed Thursday.

The expanded Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument will cover 490,000 square miles, making it the largest marine preserve in the world, the White House said. The move puts the remote waters surrounding a collection of islands off-limits to drilling and most fishing in a bid to protect fragile underwater life.

EnergyGuardian Photo

McCarthy predicts changes to carbon rule as states complain

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy vowed to meet a June deadline to complete a controversial power plant carbon rule, even as she deals with complaints that it holds some states to tougher emissions targets.

"We've received a lot of suggestions that really fall within the category of fairness," she told reporters on Thursday, adding that states are questioning: "Are we being asked too much, is somebody else not being asked enough?"

"We'll take a look at those comments and we think there are some adjustments that could be made," McCarthy said.

US settles with Navajo for $554 million

The Washington Post

The Obama administration on Friday will sign a deal with the Navajo tribe to settle claims over decades of mismanagement of its lands, 14 million acres of which are leased for oil, gas and mineral extraction, among other activities, The Washington Post reports.

Climate change ‘important issue,’ ALEC writes Google

National Journal

Responding to a spate of departure announcements by tech companies, including Yahoo, the American Legislative Exchange Council has written a letter to Google in which it says it recognizes that climate change “is an important issue,” National Journal reports.

EPA announces next stage of plan to restore Great Lakes

The New York Times

The federal government is trying again to help protect the Great Lakes from the effects of climate change, under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan II that will target contamination and algae blooms, which Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy unveiled Wednesday in Chicago, The New York Times reports.


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