Mitsui marketing 1st US condensate exports


The first exports of U.S. condensates – permitted under newly relaxed Commerce Department interpretations surrounding the crude export ban – are expected to arrive in Asia in early September, traders told Platts Thursday.

‘Serious’ talk about oil exports, says Commerce chief

National Journal

The Commerce Department - which moved recently to loosen restrictions on condensates - is having “serious discussion” about oil exports, faced with a decades-old ban on sending crude overseas at a time when technology is changing faster than the rules, National Journal reports.

EPA to get tribal backing over Pebble Mine

The Hill

A lawsuit that challenges the Environmental Protection Agency's power to block development of Alaska’s Pebble Mine has prompted a coalition of Native tribes in Alaska to intervene on behalf of the federal regulators, The Hill reports.

EPA carbon rule ‘within the law’: McCarthy

The Hill

Coal-reliant states shouldn’t be “afraid of climate action,” Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said Thursday at the Aspen Ideas Festival, where, The Hill reports, she made a vigorous defense of the EPA's proposed rule to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants.

Energy Department photo

DOE offering new green energy loan guarantees

For the first time since the big economic stimulus funding lapsed, the Energy Department is offering federal loan guarantees for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects -- but there's a catch.

The $4 billion in guarantees are offered only to companies that will pay into a fund to offset some of the costs.

No final bill yet for Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit

The Oregonian

The July 1 deadline for processing the last of the tax credits for renewable energy projects in Oregon has passed, but the final totals for the program that seemed to mushroom out of control haven’t been tallied yet, The Oregonian reports.


US trade deficit drops to $44.4 billion in May

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. trade deficit fell in May as U.S. exports hit an all-time high, helped by a jump in exports of petroleum products. Imports dipped slightly.

The trade deficit narrowed 5.6 percent in May to $44.4 billion after hitting a two-year high of $47 billion in April, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.

Exports of goods and services rose 1 percent to a record $195.5 billion in May while imports fell a slight 0.3 percent to $239.8 billion.

Iraqi Kurds: Time is ripe for Kurdish independence

WASHINGTON (AP) — Facing an Iraq that is being ripped apart by sectarian violence and a divisive government, leaders of the country's Kurdish region said Thursday they now believe they have a better chance than ever to break away and create an independent nation.

The semi-autonomous Kurdish region in Iraq's north has for years threatened to separate from the rest of the country, and it has feuded with both the Shiite-led government in Baghdad over oil revenues and the Sunni tribes who claim authority over territory the Kurds believe is theirs.

Now, with Baghdad battling a bloody Sunni insurgency, Kurdish officials say Iraq is already split along sectarian and ethnic lines.

Appalachian Voices photo

Dan River spill spurs fresh wrangling over coal ash disposal regulations

In the wake of February's massive coal ash spill into the Dan River, environmental groups have stepped up their push for the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate the disposal of waste from coal-fired power plants.

But the renewed pressure has also renewed fears by a major recycler of coal ash that a hazardous waste regulatory designation will depress the market for reuse in construction materials.

NY court win for fracking bans to have national impact

The Washington Post

The New York State Court of Appeals decision to back fracking bans in Dryden and Middlefield in the face of a challenge from Anschutz Exploration Corp. will likely reverberate across the country, The Washington Post reports.


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