IISS forum on Ukraine and energy security

Washington, September 24, 2014, 10:00 am

International Institute for Strategic Studies forum, "Energy Security and the Ukraine Crisis." Senior fellow Pierre Noel to speak. 

Obama in UN speech spins statistics

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — President Barack Obama glossed over some inconvenient truths Tuesday in his climate-change speech to the United Nations. For one, as the U.S. cleans up emissions at home, it's sending dirty fuel abroad to pollute the same sky.

As well, the U.S. is not cleaning up quite as aggressively as Obama implied in his remarks.

Climate summit reveals rocky road ahead for U.N. talks

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — President Barack Obama was the headliner at a marathon session of world leaders at the United Nations who promised to spend billions of dollars to take better care of the planet.

But none of the pledges made at Tuesday's one-day meeting -- the largest-ever gathering of world leaders to discuss climate -- was binding. And by the conclusion, the summit revealed the sharp differences that divide countries on matters such as deforestation, carbon pollution and methane leaks from oil and gas production.

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Obama pushes China to lead in climate fight

President Barack Obama on Tuesday called on China to make an ambitious commitment to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, but gave no  indication how much further the U.S. would go in cutting its own output.

At the United Nations Climate Summit, speeches by Obama and Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli revealed the gulf between the two nations in reaching a post-2020 climate agreement the U.N. hopes to unveil by December of next year.

More research says climate change fight could reap economic rewards

The New York Times

More research is beginning to appear that suggests ways in which the fight against climate change -- even including the imposition of a carbon tax -- could boost economic growth, The New York Times reports.

Research: Florida Everglades crocodile numbers up

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A record number of American crocodile hatchlings were counted in Everglades National Park this year, providing hope that restoration efforts are helping the once-endangered species, researchers said Tuesday.

University of Florida researcher Frank Mazzotti has been monitoring the crocodiles since 1978, a few years after the reptile received federal endangered species status.

Countries, companies pledge to end deforestation

NEW YORK (AP) — More than 30 countries set the first-ever deadline on Tuesday to end deforestation by 2030, but the feasibility of such a goal was eroded when a key player, Brazil, said it would not join.

The United States, Canada and the entire European Union signed on to a declaration to halve forest loss by 2020 and eliminate deforestation entirely by 2030.

"This is the family photo we have been looking for for decades," said Charles McNeill, a senior environmental policy adviser for the U.N. Development Program in an interview with the Associated Press. "The forest issue is where everyone comes together."

Obama calls on China to fight climate change

President Barack Obama told the United Nations on Tuesday that the U.S. will propose a post-2020 domestic greenhouse gas reduction target early next year, and said China and other major emitters must also take ambitious action to rein in climate change.

In a blunt, 13-minute speech at the U.N. Climate Change Summit, Obama said "alarm bells keep ringing, our citizens keep marching. We cannot pretend we do not hear them. We have to answer the call."

Just before the speech he met with Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, Obama said, and pressed his view that China must take a leadership position with the U.S. in addressing climate change. "That's what big nations have to do," Obama added.

Obama gave no hint of the size of the next U.S. reduction target, but said it will be based on "our confidence in the ability of our technological entrepreneurs and scientific innovators."

National climate action pledges are due by next March to the U.N. to form the basis of a new post-2020 global climate agreement. The agreement is to be completed by the following December.


Clintons' NY gathering attracting high power celebs

The Washington Post

The Clinton Global Initiative may have the biggest draw of stars as New York focuses on climate issues this week, The Washington Post reports.

Prince Charles: Should be urgency to address climate change

The Telegraph

In a video recorded for release at the U.N. Climate Summit, Britain’s Prince Charles said the issue was the greatest challenge facing mankind, and there’s no time to delay in dealing with it, The Telegraph reports.


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