Sandia National Laboratories president announces retirement

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The head of Sandia National Laboratories plans to step down after five years at the helm of the Albuquerque, New Mexico-based research center.

Sandia President and Laboratories Director Paul Hommert announced Tuesday he plans to retire in mid-summer.

Obama admin urges approval of new US-China nuke agreement

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration on Tuesday urged senators to support a new 30-year agreement with China on civilian nuclear cooperation but faced concern from both parties that Chinese companies are exporting sensitive technology to Iran and North Korea.

Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Countryman told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations that China's nonproliferation record has "improved markedly" since the last agreement was signed in 1985, "though it can still do better."

NEI annual Nuclear Energy Assembly

Washington, May 14, 2015, 8:00 am

The Nuclear Energy Institute to host its annual Nuclear Energy Assembly, featuring industry leaders and government officials. Conference runs through Thursday.

Plan to bury uranium in Utah scrutinized as decision nears

CLIVE, Utah (AP) — In a barren landscape of scrub just off a major Utah highway, a 10-foot-deep pit the size of about 75 football fields could soon house a kind of nuclear waste that grows more radioactive for 2 million years.

EnergySolutions' plan to bring up to 700,000 metric tons of depleted uranium to Utah from a federal stockpile has been on hold through six years of legal and political wrangling. But state regulators are expected to make a decision this year about whether to let it move forward.

Reactor at NY nuclear plant could be offline for weeks

BUCHANAN, N.Y. (AP) — A reactor at a nuclear power plant in the New York City suburbs may be offline for weeks because a transformer that failed over the weekend, sparking a fire and oil leak, must be replaced, officials said Monday.

The transformer at Indian Point Unit 3 failed Saturday evening, causing a fire that forced the automatic shutdown. A spokesman for plant owner Entergy Corp. said the company is still investigating what caused the failure but that the machinery must be replaced. Transformers typically last 30 years, but this one was installed in 2007, spokesman Jerry Nappi said.

Economic incentives factoring into Yucca debate

The Hill

Constructing the long-delayed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility could end up bringing economic benefits to Nevada, according to proponents of the plan, who are willing to start talking to the state about boosting its infrastructure, The Hill reports.

NRC opens probe after minor problems at Three Mile Island

The Patriot-News

A dropped control rod and a valve problem at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island nuclear plant have prompted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to open an independent investigation of the facility's operations, The Patriot-News reports.

Long-delayed nuclear plant in Tennessee nears completion

SPRING CITY, Tenn. (AP) — Tom Wallace started working at the Watts Bar nuclear plant as a young man in 1979, hoping he could eventually become a reactor operator.

It remains a work-in-progress for the Tennessee Valley Authority. Wallace, 55, is still finishing that plant 36 years later, one of the longest building projects in U.S. history. In a bizarre turn, what could soon become the newest U.S. nuclear plant is a piece of 1970s-era technology.

NY gov says nuclear plant fire produced river oil slick

BUCHANAN, New York (AP) — Part of a New York state nuclear power plant remained offline Sunday after a transformer fire created another problem: thousands of gallons of oil leaking into the Hudson River, officials said.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said emergency crews were out on the water near Buchanan trying to contain and clean up transformer fluid that leaked from Indian Point 3.

Nuclear secrets charges issued against former NRC employee

The Hill

A former employee of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission - who was fired five years ago - has been charged in an alleged cybersecurity scheme aimed at stealing U.S. nuclear weapons secrets and selling them to a foreign government, The Hill reports.


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