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Report details risks of fracking sand mining

Los Angeles Times

Mining sand to meet the growing demands of fracking -- a practice currently common in parts of Wisconsin but with the potential to spread from Maine to Iowa -- poses risks to water, air, public health and property values in communities, according to a report put together by the Civil Society Institute, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Russia, Ukraine in EU-brokered talks on gas

BERLIN (AP) — Russia and Ukraine are to hold European Union-brokered talks on their long-running gas dispute Friday as pressure mounts for a solution to head off a winter supply crisis in Ukraine and beyond.

The meeting in Berlin between the Russian and Ukrainian energy ministers, hosted by EU energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger, comes more than three months after Moscow cut off gas supplies to Kiev.

Pro-fracking ads unveiled at start of Marcellus conference

The Inquirer

Ads seeking to reclaim a positive spin on the word fracking are running in Pennsylvania, unveiled at the annual conference of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, The Inquirer reports.

Market conditions prompt Vantage to delay IPO


An initial public offering which Vantage Energy Inc. had hoped would raise more than $630 million won’t take place as scheduled, as the oil and gas company – which operates in the Marcellus and Barnett Shale plays – said market conditions don’t favor the move at the moment, Reuters reports.

In Exxon suit, judge leaves opening for villagers

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge has left a small legal opening for some Indonesian villagers to pursue a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil Corp. for human rights abuses allegedly committed by Indonesian troops guarding an Exxon natural gas field.

In a decision last year, the Supreme Court drastically limited the ability of foreign victims of human rights abuses to use American courts to seek monetary damages for their suffering. However, the Supreme Court said claims that "touch and concern the territory of the United States" might be allowed to go forward. The Supreme Court provided little guidance on the definition of "touch and concern," except to say that "mere corporate presence" in the U.S. would not suffice.

Cheniere to market LNG in Singapore


Once its LNG export terminals are up and running in the U.S., Cheniere Energy plans to market up to 5 million metric tons a year on a spot basis to Asian buyers from an office in Singapore, a company executive told Platts.

Worker dies after Wyoming tank blast

The Associated Press

One of four workers hurt in an explosion at a natural gas storage tank in Wyoming Tuesday died at a burns unit in a Salt Lake City hospital, a spokeswoman told The Associated Press.

WBM Management Inc.

Energy industry suppliers: Fracking equals jobs

Energy sector suppliers have a message for lawmakers: Stay out of the way of hydraulic fracturing, and we'll create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and generate billions of dollars in new tax revenues.

That was the bottom line of a new study by consulting firm IHS, commissioned by the Energy Equipment & Infrastructure Alliance, which estimates employment at companies that supply goods and services for the shale oil and gas boom could grow 45 percent to 757,000 jobs by 2025.

GE to give Penn State $10M for gas drilling center

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Penn State University said Wednesday that General Electric Co. will give the school up to $10 million to create a new center for natural gas industry research.

Penn State President Eric Barron said in a statement that the center will produce tangible benefits to the industry, to communities that are affected by drilling or related activity, and to consumers.

GE said the money will support research projects, equipment, and undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral fellowships at The Center for Collaborative Research on Intelligent Natural Gas Supply Systems. Barron planned to speak about the center during a luncheon with GE Senior Vice President Mark Little. GE is based in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Energy Transfer expansion not slowed by debt

The Dallas Morning News

The high debt to earnings ratio for Energy Transfer Equity, parent of Energy Transfer companies that run one of the largest pipeline networks in the country and have acquired major gasoline station chains, isn’t stopping its push to tackle new projects fueled by the shale boom, The Dallas Morning News reports.


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