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Cheniere wants to issue new shares to cover pay boosts

The Wall Street Journal

Cheniere Energy is asking its investors to approve the issuance of 30 million new shares to enable the company – which has one of the country’s top paid CEOs in Charif Souki – to continue providing big compensation packages, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Power plant carbon rule could boost gas demand 45 percent: ANGA

A natural gas trade group has estimated that the Obama administration's upcoming greenhouse gas rule for existing power plants could help drive up gas demand for electricity by as much as 45 percent, but sees little price impact because of the nation's massive reserves.

The estimate marks the high end of preliminary calculations by the America's Natural Gas Alliance., representing major gas producers, which puts the additional demand on the gas industry in a range of between 3 billion cubic feet per day up to 10 billion from the rule and other EPA pollution regulations.

Sempra Energy photo

DOE puts new gas exports approval proposal in motion

The Energy Department on Thursday proposed a major revamping of its process to approve liquefied natural gas exports to non-free trade agreement nations, one that it said would streamline its reviews.

The department will also heed calls for a new economic impact study of exports beyond the 12 billion cubic feet per day that it previously studied and found would not harm the economy.

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Energy Department proposes revamp of LNG export reviews

The Energy Department on Thursday proposed to discontinue conditional approvals of applications to export liquefied natural gas to non-free trade agreement nations.

Instead, the department would review projects that have first completed the National Environmental Policy Act process, according to a blog post by Christopher A. Smith, the department's principal deputy assistant secretary for fossil energy.

He said the change would set up a streamlined process, focused more on projects that are likely to be built. Smith added that the change would also give the department better information on potential domestic market impacts. The proposal will be open to public comment for 45 days.

The department will also begin a second economic impact study of exports from 12 billion cubic feet per day to 20 billion cubic feet per day, Smith said, following up to its 2012 study that looked at exports below that range.

TRC won't blame drilling for water contamination

HOUSTON (AP) — The amount of explosive gas tainting a North Texas neighborhood's water supply has increased in recent years, but the state's oil and gas regulator says it can't link the methane to drilling activity nearby, according to a report it released Wednesday.

The state Railroad Commission has found that the contamination has gotten worse in most of the private water wells it tested in September 2013 compared with what was measured in 2010 and in 2011. However, Peter Pope, the agency geologist who signed off on the report, wrote that staff "has determined that the evidence is insufficient to conclude that Barnett Shale production activities have caused or contributed to methane contamination beneath the neighborhood."

Texas: Can't tie water contamination to drilling

HOUSTON (AP) — Texas' oil and gas regulator says an investigation into explosive gas tainting a Dallas-area water supply has found no evidence the contamination originates with gas drilling activity nearby.

The Railroad Commission report, released on Wednesday, says the methane levels have increased in many of the water wells tested in September 2013 compared to what was measured in 2010. But the agency says it cannot definitively link the gas found in the wells to hydraulic fracturing operations in the Barnett shale.

2013 natgas imports slide 14 percent as production jumps to record: EIA


At 1,311 billion cubic feet, natural gas imports last year were at their lowest level since 1989, according to the Energy Information Administration, which estimated that domestic production rose 1 percent in 2013 to a new record of 24,282 billion cubic feet, Platts reports.

Green group files suit to block Pa. leasing more state land for fracking

The Patriot-News

The Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation has filed suit in Commonwealth Court, seeking an injunction to block the leasing of any more state land for natural gas drilling, The Patriot-News reports.

BC juggling climate change policies, natural gas boom

The New York Times

British Columbia, which has been a leader in policies to curb carbon emissions and fight climate change, is trying to figure out how a gas boom from fracking, likely leading to a surge of Asian exports, will fit in, The New York Times reports.

Legal challenges to award over air pollution from fracking

InsideClimate News

Aruba Petroleum is challenging a Texas jury’s award of nearly $3 million in damages to a couple who claimed to be sickened by drilling-related air pollution in the Barnett Shale, InsideClimate News reports.


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