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Fracking taking place through potential drinking water, say researchers

Los Angeles Times

Stanford University researchers, presenting their work at the American Chemical Society conference in San Francisco Tuesday, said they found that fracking at the Pavillion gas field in Wyoming was taking place through sources of drinking water, although they did not report on any contamination, the Los Angeles Times reports.


Texas energy company says worker slaying isolated

HOUSTON (AP) — Texas-based energy company Apache Corp. said it believes the killing of one of its supervisors in the western Egyptian desert in a carjacking was an isolated incident.

Spokesman Bill Mintz wouldn't elaborate Tuesday on how the Houston company made this assessment. He said the slaying was a police matter and that the company was cooperating with investigators.

Security officials in Egypt said the Apache worker's body was found Friday in a car on a road outside Cairo. The man had been shot to death as he was driving last Wednesday in the desert between Qarun and Karama, southwest of Cairo.

Kinder restructuring frees up cash for acquisitions


Richard Kinder’s move to bring together three of Kinder Morgan Inc.’s divisions under one umbrella frees up cash for acquisitions that will likely be rival infrastructure operators, Bloomberg reports.

Pittsburgh airport has high hopes for fracking

The New York Times

Debt-ridden Pittsburgh International Airport hopes that revenue from tapping into the Marcellus Shale gas deposits it sits on will give the facility a new lease on life, The New York Times reports.

Massive unification deal for Kinder Morgan


In a $44 billion move intended to streamline its structure, increase profits and improve growth potential, Kinder Morgan is bringing companies it controls indirectly – Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, El Paso Pipeline Partners and Kinder Morgan Management – back into a single structure, FuelFix reports.

No moves apparent in EU antitrust case against Gazprom

The New York Times

Despite the announcement of various sanctions against Russia in recent weeks because of the Ukraine crisis and the looming departure of European competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia, there’s been no sign of movement in an EU antitrust case against Gazprom that began building three years ago, The New York Times reports.


Texas energy company worker killed in Egypt

HOUSTON (AP) — An American employee of Texas-based energy company Apache Corp was killed last week in an apparent carjacking in the western Egyptian desert, officials said Sunday.

"The victim was a long-time employee who works with production operations and we are deeply saddened by his death," Apache spokesman Bill Mintz said. "Apache is working with authorities and a full investigation is underway."

He said the attack occurred Wednesday as the employee was driving in the desert between Qarun and Karama, southwest of Cairo.


North Dakota tribe wants fee on wasted natural gas

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Tribal leaders on an American Indian reservation in the heart of North Dakota's booming oil patch are proposing fees for companies that burn and waste natural gas.

The Three Affiliated Tribes outlined its plan to impose fees in a six-page document sent to oil companies. In it, the tribe said companies would be required to pay royalties for "flaring" natural gas to compensate for lost revenue when the gas isn't brought to market and sold.

Oil production on the Fort Berthold Reservation accounts for about a third of the state's oil output of more than 1 million barrels a day, which has made North Dakota the second-largest oil producing state in the country behind Texas.

Associated Press

Republicans: Oil boom states' success supports their pro-drilling stance

Republicans in Congress on Thursday pointed to a new Energy Department analysis of the strong economic growth in energy-producing states as fresh evidence in support of their calls for greater oil and gas drilling in federal areas.

The Energy Information Administration reported that of the six states where oil and gas development and mining accounted for more than 10 percent of their economy, all but one had stronger growth than the national average last year.

McClendon firm to team with Regency to construct Utica pipeline


American Energy’s midstream unit says it will join with Regency Energy Partners to build a 52-mile pipeline – at a cost of $500 million – to move more than 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from the Utica Shale in Ohio, FuelFix reports.


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