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Warburg sinks $500M into drilling startup

Houston Business Journal

New driller Independence Resources Management LLC -- which intends to focus on unconventional shale plays in places like the Anadarko Basin – is getting $500 million in backing from private equity  firm Warburg Pincus, the Houston Business Journal reports.

New firm Pentagon Energy to pick up Wentworth from Morgan Stanley


Morgan Stanley’s Wentworth compressed natural gas business is being sold to Pentagon Energy LLC, a new commodities trading firm based in Florida, Bloomberg reports.

NYC blast probe highlights problem of stealing gas

NEW YORK (AP) — It was a run-of-the-mill complaint — a smell of gas — with a troubling explanation: Someone had improperly tapped into a Manhattan building's gas line, and it was leaking.

The issue was quickly resolved. But seven months later, authorities suspect another round of gas-pipe tampering caused a fiery explosion at the same building, killing two people, injuring nearly two dozen and leveling three buildings in all.

Frackers showing concern over lawsuit risk from quakes

The Wall Street Journal

The fracking industry is growing more concerned about lawsuits seeking damages because of earthquakes allegedly caused by the technique, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Turkish Cypriots halt gas search for peace talks restart

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Hopes of a restart to talks to reunify the small Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus swelled Monday after breakaway Turkish Cypriots said they will halt their own search for gas off Cyprus' coast.

Ozdil Nami, Turkish Cypriot foreign minister, told The Associated Press that a Turkish vessel that has been searching for gas the last few months will be sent back to Turkey. Nami also said that a notice alerting shipping traffic to an ongoing gas search won't be renewed if Greek Cypriots don't renew their own.

Northeast, despite highest gas costs, resists more pipelines

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — There is near universal agreement that the Northeast has to expand its energy supply to rein in the nation's highest costs and that cheap, abundant, relatively clean natural gas could be at least a short-term answer. But heels dig deep when it comes to those thorniest of questions: how and where?

Proposals to build or expand natural gas pipelines are met with an upswell of citizen discontent. At the end of last year, a Massachusetts route selected by Texas-based Kinder Morgan generated so much venom that the company nudged it north into New Hampshire — where the venom is also flowing freely. During this winter's town meetings, a centuries-old staple of local governance in New England, people in the nine towns touched by the route voted to oppose the project.

Focus shifts to cause of NYC explosion after 2 bodies found

NEW YORK (AP) — After two bodies were pulled from the rubble of a Manhattan apartment building collapse, authorities shifted their focus to what caused the massive explosion and fire and the possibility that someone may have improperly tapped a gas line serving one of the buildings.

"There's reason to believe so far that there may have been inappropriate tampering with the gas lines within the building, but until we get full evidence we can't conclude that," Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday.

EPA reports on hundreds of fracking chemicals

The Hill

Although sand and water are the primary substances used in fracking, an Environmental Protection Agency analysis of data from found that nearly 700 chemical additives appear as well, according to The Hill.

NYC mayor: Someone may have 'inappropriately' tapped gas line

NEW YORK (AP) — Someone may have improperly tapped a gas line before an explosion that leveled three apartment buildings and injured nearly two dozen people, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday as firefighters soaked the still-smoldering buildings and police searched for at least two missing people.

"There is a possibility here that the gas line was inappropriately accessed internally by people in the building," but officials need to get access to the wreckage to explore it further, de Blasio said. He wouldn't say more about why officials believe that's a possibility.

U.S. using record amounts of natural gas for power

Cold temperatures and low prices have combined to push the U.S. to use record amounts of natural gas to generate electricity in 2015, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Consumption averaged 22.7 billion cubic feet per day from the start of the year through March 25, EIA said, citing Bentek Energy data.


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