Hydraulic Fracturing/Fracking

Scientists look at oil and gas waste wells as possible Oklahoma quakes cause

The New York Times

There have been 87 earthquakes in Oklahoma in the past week, and thousands in the past three years, The New York Times reports, and scientists are looking at oil and gas water disposal wells as a possible cause.

Climate scientist Muller urges environmentalists to embrace shale gas


University of California-Berkeley physicist and climate scientist Richard Muller urged environmentalist to embrace shale gas development as a means to reduce carbon and particulate matter emissions, E&E reports.

US oil company resumes exploration in Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — U.S. oil company Chevron says it has resumed exploration for shale gas in northeastern Romania a day after suspending work when hundreds of anti-fracking protesters tore down fences.

Anti-fracking groups promise avalanche of comments on New York LNG proposal

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Anti-fracking activists planned to file a deluge of last-minute comments on a New York State proposal to lift a moratorium on storing liquefied natural gas, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports.

Chamber's Donohue warns fracking study could stifle energy boom


U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue warned business executives that a pending Environmental Protection Agency study on hydraulic fracturing could be used to draft new regulations that would slow energy development, Reuters reports.

Colorado oil industry group sues towns over fracking bans

The Associated Press

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association filed a lawsuit against the Colorado towns of Fort Collins and Lafayette that recently voted to place bans on hydraulic fracturing within city limits, The Associated Press reports

Chevron resumes search for shale gas in Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — U.S. oil giant Chevron has resumed its search for shale gas in northeastern Romania amid ongoing opposition from local residents.

In October, Chevron suspended searching for shale gas in the village of Pungesti following protests in the capital and the local area against fracking.

The company said Monday its priority was to "conduct these activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner." It gained permits to drill exploratory wells in Pungesti in October but halted activity after protests. On Monday, hundreds of police blocked a road to stop residents demonstrating.

France lawmakers call for limited fracking to estimate reserves


A group of French lawmakers called for the nation to allow hydraulic fracturing at research wells to gauge its shale oil and gas reserves, Bloomberg reports.

EPA photo

NPS Director Jarvis withdraws fracking comments

The head of the National Park Service has withdrawn technical comments on the Interior Department's proposed regulations on hydraulic fracturing, saying the comments contained multiple flaws. 

In a letter released late Tuesday by a House subcommittee chairman, NPS Director Jonathan B. Jarvis said the comments on the Bureau of Land Management proposal were filed without his review and inappropriately included a reference to an opinion column in The New York Times. He said he has asked that they be pulled from the comments on the rule under consideration by BLM.

Despite fracking boom, wastewater recycling investments slow to perform


Despite a surge in the use of hydraulic fracturing to extract natural gas from shale, investors in fracking wastewater recycling firms have yet to see consistent returns, Bloomberg reports.


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