Hydraulic Fracturing/Fracking

Germany looking at lifting fracking ban

The New York Times

Eager to explore alternatives to imported gas, Angela Merkel’s government in Germany is working on a regulatory framework that would allow a resumption of fracking in the country, which has been banned for years, The New York Times reports.

API releases study on hydraulic fracturing and local savings

Washington, June 5, 2014, 10:30 am

American Petroleum Institute holds media teleconference to release study on energy cost savings related to hydraulic fracturing. 

NC to sponsor drilling in fracking push

The Charlotte Observer

With Governor Pat McCrory having signed legislation putting in place the framework to start fracking in North Carolina, the state itself intends to sponsor drilling in the east in the autumn, The Charlotte Observer reports.

NC lawmakers approve fracking bill

The Associated Press

North Carolina’s moratorium on fracking will likely end within a year now that the state’s lawmakers have passed a bill that will allow permits to be issued, a measure almost certain to be signed by Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, The Associated Press reports.


Illinois lawmakers drop fracking bill, urge action

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Lawmakers supporting hydraulic fracturing Wednesday abandoned proposed legislation to speed use of the practice in Illinois, and said they would instead urge a state agency to move more quickly writing rules to regulate it.

The Legislature last May authorized the process commonly known as fracking, which uses a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals to crack and hold open thick rock formations, releasing trapped oil and gas. But the Department of Natural Resources has spent months holding hearings and gathering more than 30,000 comments on the best way to regulate the drilling method. The agency has until November to publish rules for fracking.

Obama NY visit draws fracking demos

Demonstrators for and against hydraulic fracturing were on hand in Cooperstown, N.Y. Thursday as President Barack Obama visited the Baseball Hall of Fame to promote tourism in the U.S.

About 100 anti-fracking protesters carried signs that read “Keep Fracking Out."

"He's got to stop it with a nation ban because these resources will go away," said Abbie Tanber, of Oxford. "It'll ruin the environment and, more importantly, our water."

Senate bill seeks NC fracking permits next year

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The effort to get the exploration of natural gas in North Carolina using a process called fracking started next year is moving ahead at the legislature.

The Senate scheduled debate Wednesday on how rules being developed by a commission to regulate hydraulic fracturing will be handled by the General Assembly once they're finalized by year's end. The bill says the first permits could be issued starting in July 2015.

NC legislative committees OK gas fracking bill

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A bill that would make it a crime to publicly disclose the secret chemical cocktails energy companies pump into the ground when fracking for natural gas is headed for a vote before the North Carolina Senate.

A pair of legislative committees on Tuesday quickly approved the bill, which could go to the full Senate floor as soon as Wednesday. The new legislation would allow drilling to begin in the state next year.

Report: Natural gas drillers find new technology to address concerns

The Wall Street Journal

Environmental complaints about drillers and fracking – including methane emissions, burning excess gas by flaring and water contamination – are being addressed by advances in technology, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Energy-environment drilling program underway in Pa.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — An uncommon partnership between oil and gas companies and some environmental groups has accepted its first application for a certification program aimed at promoting voluntary but tough new standards in addition to existing government regulations on drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

The Pittsburgh-based Center for Sustainable Shale said Thursday one drilling company, which was not identified, has submitted an application to be certified. Director Susan LeGros said an independent audit of the company is scheduled for early June.


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