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Illinois county's voters reject anti-fracking measure

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Voters in a struggling southern Illinois county have rejected a ballot referendum meant to pressure the county's governing board to restrict a debated oil drilling practice, leaving open the question of whether the measure failed because of confusion or the prevailing need for jobs.

With nearly half of the county's registered voters casting ballots during spring primaries traditionally marked by low turnout, the measure involving hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, failed Tuesday by a 600-vote margin, Johnson County Clerk Robin Harper-Whitehead said.

Ohio earthquake average has increased

The Columbus Dispatch

Ohio's earthquake average rose between 2010 and 2014, during the same period when fracking increased, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

NJ eyes ban on fracking waste from any state

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey lawmakers are considering a ban on treating or storing waste products created by hydraulic fracturing operations in the natural gas exploration industry.

A state Senate committee advanced a bill on Monday that would prohibit the treatment, discharge, disposal, or storage of any wastewater, solids, sludge, or other byproducts resulting from a gas recovery technique commonly known as fracking.

W.Va. environmentalists unhappy with fracking bill

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia environmentalists are concerned about a bill to overturn tonnage caps for landfills accepting gas well drill cuttings from hydraulic fracturing operations.

The House has passed the bill in special session and it now waits Senate action.

Delegate Stephen Skinner, who voted against the bill passed Friday, calls it a Band-Aid on a very serious problem.

California's Brown hears fracking gripes

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In a year when California Democrats are worried about motivating their voters, Gov. Jerry Brown heard another unwelcome message Saturday: Some Democratic activists are bristling over his administration's policies on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Appearing at a state Democratic Party convention in Los Angeles, Brown found himself forced to speak over a noisy group of sign-waving protesters in his first major campaign speech since formally declaring his candidacy last month.

"Just listen a moment," Brown pleaded at one point, as the protesters bellowed "No fracking" and waved "Another Democrat Against Fracking" signs just steps from the podium where he was speaking.

Fracking critics flock to hearing on NY energy plan

Democrat & Chronicle

The first public hearing on New York state's draft energy plan, which calls for improving efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, drew fracking critics more concerned about provisions urging expanded access to natural gas, Gannett's Democrat & Chronicle reports.

Fracking opponents in Calif. tout drought in arguments


Opponents of hydraulic fracturing in California are using the state's ongoing drought in their case against allowing the practice, saying it would have deprived homes and farms of necessary water supplies were it permitted, Reuters reports.

Ceres report says fracking competing for water in dry regions

San Antonio Express

Nonprofit Ceres said in a report that hydraulic fracturing wells are being drilled in some extreme-water-stress areas, consuming water supplies in some of the nation's driest regions, the San Antonio Express reports.

Salazar: Fracking safe, but industry needs better message


During remarks at the North American Project Expo in Houston, former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said hydraulic fracturing is a safe process but urged industry to make a better case for its safety to the public, FuelFix reports.

Salazar to urge energy companies to improve case for fracking


Former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will speak at the North American Prospect Expo in Houston today and is slated to urge energy companies to make a better case to the public about the safety and benefits of hydraulic fracturing, FuelFix reports.


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