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NY farmers lament lost opportunity for gas riches

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — While environmental groups are doing a victory dance over New York's decision to ban fracking, farmers such as apple grower David Johnson are grieving for dashed hopes and dreams.

"I'm devastated," Johnson said after Gov. Andrew Cuomo's health and environmental commissioners announced Wednesday that they were recommending a fracking ban. "I have concerns about how to continue this farm that's been in the family for 150 years."

New York move to ban fracking heartens critics

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York plans to prohibit hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, citing unresolved health issues and dubious economic benefits of the widely used gas-drilling technique and delighting opponents who previously managed to win only local bans.

New York, which overlies part of the gas-rich rock formation that has also led to a drilling boom in nearby states, has banned shale gas development since the state began its environmental review in 2008. Wednesday's announcement, though not final, means a ban is all but etched in stone.

New York will move to prohibit fracking

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration will move to prohibit fracking in the state, citing unresolved health issues and dubious economic benefits of the widely used gas-drilling technique.

Environmental Commissioner Joe Martens said Wednesday that he is recommending a ban. Cuomo says he is deferring to Martens and Acting Health Commissioner Howard Zucker in making the decision.

Zucker and Martens on Wednesday summarized the findings of their environmental and health reviews. They concluded that shale gas development using high-volume hydraulic fracturing carried unacceptable risks that haven't been sufficiently studied.

Martens says the Department of Environmental Conservation will put out a final environmental impact statement early next year, and after that he'll issue an order prohibiting fracking.

New York has had a ban on shale gas development since the environmental review began in 2008.

Denton fracking ban takes effect

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The fracking ban -– the first in Texas -- that was approved by Denton voters on election day formally took effect Tuesday, but since the town had already imposed a moratorium on issuing new well permits there didn’t appear to be any immediate impact, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

Texas towns test oil and gas supremacy on fracking

RENO, Texas (AP) — A Texas hamlet shaken by its first recorded earthquake last year and hundreds since then is among communities now taking steps to challenge the oil and gas industry's traditional supremacy over the right to frack.

Reno Mayor Lyndamyrth Stokes said spooked residents started calling last November: "I heard a boom, then crack! The whole house shook. What was that?" one caller asked. The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed that Reno, a community about 50 miles west of Dallas, had its first earthquake.

Md. fracking rules coming before he leaves: O’Malley

The Washington Post

Departing Gov. Martin O’Malley, D-Md., says he’ll draw up rules to govern fracking in the western part of the state which will limit pollution risks, even though his pro-drilling Republican successor would have the power to loosen restrictions once he takes office in January, The Washington Post reports.

Fracking to be permitted in GW National Forest

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Over the objection of environmental groups and Virginia's governor, a federal management plan released Tuesday will allow a form of natural gas drilling known as fracking to occur in parts of the largest national forest on the East Coast.

The U.S. Forest Service originally planned to ban fracking in the 1.1 million-acre George Washington National Forest, but energy companies cried foul after a draft of the plan was released in 2011. It would have been the first outright ban on the practice in a national forest.

Fracking accident kills 1, injures 2 in Colorado

GREELEY, Colo. (AP) — An accident at a hydraulic fracturing site in northern Colorado killed one worker and seriously injured two others Thursday, authorities said.

The three men were trying to heat a frozen high-pressure water line at the oil or gas well site when it ruptured, Weld County sheriff's Sgt. Sean Standridge said. One man was hit by a stream of water or fracking fluid and died from the impact.

Halliburton launches 'war room' to track sand for fracking

The Wall Street Journal

Halliburton Co. has launched a new "war room" designed to track shipments of sand used in hydraulic fracturing in an effort to ensure consistent deliveries to drilling sites, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Study: Some additives in fracking fluid also in ice cream, toothpaste

The Washington Post

A study of a component of hydraulic fracturing fluid, conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, found chemicals commonly found in toothpaste and ice cream, The Washington Post reports.


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