Solar flare hit a satellite in 2012: NASA

National Journal

NASA has released a report on the solar flare that hit a satellite two years ago, saying that if it has actually hit the Earth, it would have caused widespread blackouts, National Journal reports.

Utah net metering dispute getting wide attention

The Salt Lake Tribune

The fight against a charge Rocky Mountain Power wants to impose on net metering customers is generating strong feelings in Utah and attracting attention from elsewhere around the country, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Sunday night storms bring 160,000 outages to Michigan


A string of Sunday storms caused around 160,000 outages in the Detroit region, according to DTE Energy, which said it was "working around the clock" to get things fixed, MLive reports.

India finalizes deal to export power to Nepal

KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — India and Nepal are finalizing an agreement to provide the energy-starved Himalayan nation with electricity, India's foreign minister said at the end of a three-day official visit Sunday.

Nepal's communist insurgency, which lasted until 2006, and ensuing political instability have hampered the construction of new power plants, and Nepal could not afford to map out an energy strategy on its own.

Algonquin Power to push hostile bid for Gas Natural

Great Falls Tribune

Ontario-based Algonquin Power & Utilities, following a rejection of its bids for Gas Natural, has written to the board warning that it will present its case to the company’s shareholders, Gannett’s Great Falls Tribune reports.

Balancing market growing in Germany to stabilize grid


More utilities are joining Germany’s balancing market, where the government pays them to add or cut power to the grid within seconds to balance out surges and drops caused by increasing reliance on wind and solar energy, Bloomberg reports.

Bankrupt Energy Future to auction stake in Oncor

DALLAS (AP) — Bankrupt power giant Energy Future Holdings terminated its restructuring agreement and announced plans to auction its stake in the profitable power transmission business Oncor Electric Delivery Co., according to a filing Thursday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company and its creditors "believe that the (restructuring agreement) has provided significant benefit," including obtaining billions of dollars in new financing, the filing said.

Energy Future heading to the auction block

The Wall Street Journal

There will be a court-supervised bidding process involved in the restructuring of bankrupt Energy Future Holdings, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Thursday, in which the prize will likely be the Texas transmission business Oncor, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Pueblo, Colo. residents struggling with higher utility bills

The Washington Post

The Washington Post reports on problems in Pueblo, Colo., where Black Hills Power, the utility servicing local residents, moved away from coal-fired generation and Xcel, the utility that built a new coal-fired plant in the area, stopped selling power locally and people were left scrambling to cover soaring bills.

Expect more high winter electricity prices in Northeast, Mid-Atlantic: ConEd


It will take years to improve the natural gas pipeline infrastructure to free the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states from winter spikes in electricity prices, according to an analysis from a unit of N.Y. utility Consolidated Edison, Platts reports.


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