Summer prices dropped for MISO in 2015, monitor told board


A monitor told Midcontinent Independent System Operator executives that despite higher demand, real-time electricity prices dropped in the MISO region this summer because of cheaper fuel, Platts reports.

Puerto Rico power company reaches deal with certain lenders

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico's troubled electricity utility says it has reached a deal to restructure about $700 million in expired debt with fuel line lenders.

The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority said Tuesday that lenders have two options: converting credit agreements into long-term loans or exchanging all or part of expired bonds into new bonds worth 85 percent of the existing value.

Swedish utility Vattenfall sells its German coal plants

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Vattenfall AB says it is selling off its German coal plants, a major source of greenhouse gases, and its mining assets as the Swedish utility seeks to adjust its energy strategy.

The company says potential buyers can bid for four power plants as well as corresponding mining activities. Buyers can also bid for 10 hydropower plants, adding that these power plants will not be sold separately.

Ukraine's richest man wields electricity as weapon, plays both sides of war

KRASNODON, Ukraine (AP) — In this town deep in eastern Ukraine's rebel heartland, about a quarter of the population works in the coal mines owned by billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine's richest man. Here and elsewhere in territory controlled by the separatist insurgency, the tycoon keeps the lights on and people clothed and fed, with a mixture of jobs, electricity and aid.

At the same time, Akhmetov operates factories on the other side of the frontline, powering Ukraine's economy and pouring hundreds of millions in taxes into government coffers. His steel products, which are finished in rebel territory, are then shipped to the West — where they bring in billions in revenue for Akhmetov that then indirectly props up the separatist government.

Angry customers slam CPS over smart meter overcharging


Some residents attending a meeting in San Antonio about CPS Energy billing accused the company of fraud, and others demanded the removal of smart meters from their property, KENS5 reports.

Duke to pay more for Indiana coal gasification plant

The Associated Press

Duke Energy is promising to pick up an extra $85 million tab for cost overruns at its troubled coal gasification plant near Edwardsport in southwestern Indiana, rather than increase charges on ratepayers, The Associated Press reports.

Study won’t deter Canadian hydropower plan, says Massachusetts


A spokesperson for the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs says a plan allowing utilities to buy Canadian hydropower on long-term contracts will go ahead despite a study criticizing the proposal, Platts reports.

Activists hope NextEra’s purchase of Hawaiian Electric doesn’t succeed

Honolulu Civil Beat

The failure of NextEra Energy’s proposed acquisition of Hawaiian Electric could lead to a more varied energy marketplace that would benefit consumers, activists have told Honolulu Civil Beat.

Mayor a player as DC jockeying continues over Exelon-Pepco merger

Washington City Paper

Exelon and Pepco are working on an appeal of Washington D.C. regulators' rejection of their proposed merger, as opponents pressure Mayor Muriel Bowser not to enter into any settlement with the companies, the Washington City Paper reports.

California fires damage but don’t destroy geothermal plant


Five cooling towers at The Geysers geothermal power complex have been damaged by wildfires burning in California, but the facility is continuing to produce some electricity and could be repaired in a matter of months, a spokesman from Calpine Corp. told FuelFix.


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