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Bollore unveils Indianapolis electric car station

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A French company unveiled an electric car charging station Monday that's the first piece of a car-sharing service set to debut late this year in Indianapolis, giving drivers a chance to rent plug-in electric cars for errands and short excursions.

Bollore Group Chairman Vincent Bollore joined Mayor Greg Ballard for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the downtown charging station that's part of Bollore's $35 million plan for the system. The men also tried out a kiosk like those drivers will eventually use to rent one of the company's Bluecars.

Tesla shares slide on reports of 1Q deliveries below estimates


Battery shortages appear to be holding back Tesla deliveries, Bloomberg reports, noting that the news caused shares in the electric car maker to tumble, the day after the company reported a net loss for the quarter as well.

Vermont's Welch pushes for larger electric car tax credit

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont U.S. Rep. Peter Welch said Monday he wants to make it easier to buy electric cars by increasing the size of the federal tax credit for the vehicles and making those credits available at car dealerships.

The Democrat said increasing the size of the tax credit to $10,000 and making it easier to take advantage of would make the vehicles more affordable for middle-income people.

Electric car buyers are now eligible for credits up to $7,500 through their tax return.

Tesla's Musk paid $70,000 in 2013

DETROIT (AP) — Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was paid just under $70,000 in 2013. But he could be in line for much, much more.

According to a Tesla filing with regulators Thursday, Musk made a base salary of $33,280 in 2013. That was the minimum he was required to make under California law. He got an additional $36,709 in company bonuses.

Tesla says Musk, the billionaire founder of PayPal and rocket-building company SpaceEx, only accepts $1 and returns the rest to the company.

Tesla delivers first China cars, plans expansion

BEIJING (AP) — Tesla Motors Inc. delivered its first eight electric sedans to customers in China on Tuesday and CEO Elon Musk said the company will build a nationwide network of charging stations and service centers as fast as it can.

Tesla probably will invest several hundred million dollars in charging infrastructure in China, Musk told reporters. He said it will open several hundred service centers.

"My instructions to the team are to spend money as fast as they can spend it without wasting it," he said.

Prospective Tesla owners raise protests day before 1st China delivery expected

The Wall Street Journal

The day before Tesla was set to deliver its first electric vehicle in China, a group of unhappy buyers complained that they were facing additional delays in getting their orders filled, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Daimler, China’s BYD join forces to build electric car

The Wall Street Journal

Daimler and China’s BYD will work together to build the all-electric Denza automobile, as the Chinese government continues to ramp up its fight against air pollution, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Li lost Fisker auction, but will profit from Fisker loan

The Wall Street Journal

Richard Li, the Hong Kong billionaire outbid in the sale of bankrupt Fisker Automotive, still stands to make more than $60 million on the company’s loan he bought at auction from the Energy Department last year, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Musk to personally deliver Teslas in China


Tesla company founder Elon Musk will be on hand to personally deliver some of the first cars the company is selling in China, a process expected to start sometime this month, Bloomberg reports. 

Tesla beefs up its battery protection to satisfy Feds

The New York Times

In order to get the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to close out an investigation into two of its vehicles being destroyed by fire, Tesla Motors is beefing up the shielding around the lithium-ion battery packs in the Model S, The New York Times reports.


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