Tesla Motors co-founder wants to electrify commercial trucks

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Twelve years ago, Ian Wright and some fellow engineers launched Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley company that has helped jumpstart the market for electric cars.

Now, the Tesla co-founder wants to electrify noisy, gas-guzzling trucks that deliver packages, haul garbage and make frequent stops on city streets.

Washington state to help homeowners with efficiency


The Energy Spark program being put together by Washington state offers homeowners a reduced mortgage rate if they buy an energy efficient home or make efficiency improvements to their existing house, KIRO reports.

Money, emissions gains from tackling waste in buildings

Business Insider

In one of a number of efficiency successes reported by Business Insider, Kohl’s department store chain is saving up to 18 percent of its energy costs after installing software that enables it to monitor energy meters remotely, according to installer Environmental Systems Inc.

EPA delayed on implementing cost-saving actions, IG says

The Environmental Protection Agency is running late on implementing a number of recommended fixes to improve agency efficiency, boost environment and public health protections and save money, the agency’s inspector general says.

In a semi-annual report to Congress, EPA Inspector General Arthur Elkins Jr. said that the agency was more than a year delayed in implementing 53 fixes as of the end of 2014.

Atlanta officials reporting success with new energy policy


A policy requiring reports on buildings’ energy usage is already providing savings in Atlanta, WXIA reports.

Boston tops in energy efficiency again

The Washington Post

For the second year in a row, Boston has come in first place in the City Energy Efficiency Scorecard compiled by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, The Washington Post reports.

Oregon to test pay-per-mile idea as replacement for gasoline tax

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Oregon is about to embark on a first-in-the-nation program that aims to charge car owners not for the fuel they use, but for the miles they drive.

The program is meant to help the state raise more revenue to pay for road and bridge projects at a time when money generated from gasoline taxes are declining across the country, in part, because of greater fuel efficiency and the increasing popularity of fuel-efficient, hybrid and electric cars.

Proposal seeks to dim NYC skyline at night to save energy

NEW YORK (AP) — Bright lights, big city?

Not so much, if a New York City council member gets his way.

Energy efficiency doesn't improve at McDonald’s as it loses customers

Chicago Tribune

A decline in business at McDonald's restaurants kept the company from improving its energy efficiency last year, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Stubborn GE scientist creates new fuel-saving material

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (AP) — For nearly three decades Krishan Luthra stubbornly labored away in a General Electric research lab on a long-shot effort to cook up a new type of ceramic that few consumers will ever see or use.

Now this obscure material, which is lightweight, strong and can handle extreme temperatures, is being built into the bellies of jet engines and promises to save billions of gallons of fuel in the coming decades by reducing weight and allowing engines to run hotter.


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