Climate Change

McConnell tells justices that EPA rules 'threaten liberty'

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other congressional Republicans have filed a brief calling on the Supreme Court to throw out President Barack Obama's authority to regulate industrial carbon emissions as a "threat to liberty."

In a brief filed Monday, McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul, both Republicans from Kentucky, and six House lawmakers said the Environmental Protection Agency "usurped Congress's exclusive authority" in using the Clean Air Act to curtail greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources.

Study links human-made climate change to Western wildfires

NBC News

University of Utah research suggests that human-made climate change may play an increasingly larger role in causing wildfires in western states, NBC News reports.

NOAA data incomplete, says Commerce IG


NOAA has filed incomplete energy and emissions data which could lead to inaccurate reports, the Commerce Department's inspector general told Congress, according to E&E.

University of Toronto researchers discover potent greenhouse gas

Toronto Star

University of Toronto chemists have discovered perfluorotributylamine, a made-made chemical that can exist as a greenhouse gas 7,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide and can linger in the atmosphere for 500 years, the Toronto Star reports.

Local leaders planning for climate effects

WASHINGTON (AP) — When it comes to climate change, local officials have a message for Washington: Lead or get out of the way.

Cold dis-comfort: Antarctica set record of -135.8

WASHINGTON (AP) — Feeling chilly? Here's cold comfort: You could be in East Antarctica which new data says set a record for "soul-crushing" cold.

White House hails success for Biden China trip on energy, climate issues

National Journal

Vice President Joe Biden's trip to China has brought pledges Washington and Beijing will work more closely on greenhouse gas issues, energy data transparency and climate change, National Journal reports.

Scientists link climate change to spread of diseases

USA Today

Scientists say climate change is partly to blame for the spread of certain fungal and parasitic diseases, as drier weather in some regions and wetter weather in others provide breeding grounds for disease-carrying organisms, USA Today reports.

Drowned polar bear scientist gets $100k settlement

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — An Alaska scientist whose observations of drowned polar bears helped galvanize the global warming movement has retired as part of a settlement with a federal agency he says tried to silence him to protect its political goals.

Federal study warns of sudden climate change woes

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hard-to-predict sudden changes to Earth's environment are more worrisome than climate change's bigger but more gradual impacts, a panel of scientists advising the federal government concluded Tuesday.


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