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Oregon State researchers say UN ignored livestock in climate talks


Oregon State University researchers criticized recent United Nations climate negotiations for overlooking the climate change impact of methane from livestock, Bloomberg reports.

Poll: Most consider climate change a problem for future generations

USA Today

A poll conducted for USA Today reports that most respondents believe climate change will hurt future generations a "great deal," but less than a third believe it affects them at the same scale personally.

China building fourth Antarctic research base

BEIJING (AP) — Growing scientific power China has begun constructing its fourth Antarctic research base to enhance research into climate change and other fields, state media reported Thursday.

NOAA: November 2013 warmest on record


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said last month was the warmest November on record, with global average temperatures 1.4 degrees warmer than the 20th century's average, AFP reports.

Study sees climate change expanding water scarcity

U.S. News & World Report

The Potsdam Institute projected in a new study that climate change would change rain and evaporation trends, spreading water scarcity to millions more worldwide, according to U.S. News and World Report.

McConnell tells justices that EPA rules 'threaten liberty'

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other congressional Republicans have filed a brief calling on the Supreme Court to throw out President Barack Obama's authority to regulate industrial carbon emissions as a "threat to liberty."

In a brief filed Monday, McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul, both Republicans from Kentucky, and six House lawmakers said the Environmental Protection Agency "usurped Congress's exclusive authority" in using the Clean Air Act to curtail greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources.

Study links human-made climate change to Western wildfires

NBC News

University of Utah research suggests that human-made climate change may play an increasingly larger role in causing wildfires in western states, NBC News reports.

NOAA data incomplete, says Commerce IG


NOAA has filed incomplete energy and emissions data which could lead to inaccurate reports, the Commerce Department's inspector general told Congress, according to E&E.

University of Toronto researchers discover potent greenhouse gas

Toronto Star

University of Toronto chemists have discovered perfluorotributylamine, a made-made chemical that can exist as a greenhouse gas 7,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide and can linger in the atmosphere for 500 years, the Toronto Star reports.

Local leaders planning for climate effects

WASHINGTON (AP) — When it comes to climate change, local officials have a message for Washington: Lead or get out of the way.


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