Better batteries to beat global warming: A race against time

WASHINGTON (AP) — One of the key technologies that could help wean the globe off fossil fuel is probably at your fingertips or in your pocket right now: the battery.

If batteries can get better, cheaper and store more power safely, then electric cars and solar- or wind- powered homes become more viable — even on cloudy days or when the wind isn't blowing. These types of technological solutions will be one of the more hopeful aspects of United Nations climate talks that begin next week in Paris.

Reno region hopes to get boost from Tesla gigafactory


Reno, Nevada hopes it can benefit from “the Tesla effect”—construction of a battery gigafactory that offers the hope of a sustainable local industry not related to gambling, E&E reports.

Duke boosts its battery storage in Ohio

Charlotte Business Journal

Duke Energy has doubled the battery storage capacity at its retired Beckjord Coal Plant in Ohio, enabling the utility to provide four megawatts from storage into the PJM Interconnection system, the Charlotte Business Journal reports.

Panel rejects ban on air shipments of fire-prone batteries

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.N. aviation panel Wednesday rejected a ban on rechargeable battery shipments on passenger airliners, despite evidence they can cause explosions and unstoppable, in-flight fires, aviation officials told The Associated Press.

The International Civil Aviation Organization panel on dangerous goods voted 10 to 7 against a ban, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak about the vote publicly.

Vionx Energy succeeding in the battery storage business

The New York Times

More firms like Vionx Energy, presently working with United Technologies, appear to be learning from past failures and succeeding suddenly with energy storage and battery systems, The New York Times reports.

Dyson getting into the battery business

USA Today

Vacuum cleaner maker Dyson has acquired University of Michigan-based startup Sakti3 and plans to construct a battery production plant, potentially positioning it to compete with Tesla and Panasonic in the electric car battery market , USA Today reports.

Breakthrough starting in battery storage


Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric said at a conference last week that battery storage is becoming competitive with natural gas-fired plants when it comes to providing power to handle peaks on the grid, Bloomberg reports.

Wisconsin firm selling batteries for energy storage systems in buildings

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Johnson Controls Inc. is putting lithium-ion batteries into energy storage systems at the Merchandise Mart building in Chicago and in a U.S. military base in Puerto Rico, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

SoCal firm hopes for energy savings using Tesla batteries in buildings


The Irvine Company is banking on a smart energy storage system using Tesla batteries to drive substantial energy savings in their buildings in Southern California, KABC reports.

Struggling battery firm shuts door on China deal

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Money-losing Axion Power Corp. has given up on a licensing deal with Chinese investment company LCB International Inc., the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.


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